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June 18, 2008



Did you find that funny? I didn't!

I don't find this funny either. FROM NQ:

"Obama partisans should take a lesson or two in civility if they desire the support of Hillary Clinton’s 18,000,000 voters. Last night an unruly crowd of Obama supporters indecorously heckled Governor Jennifer Granholm, who mentioned Hillary during her introduction of Barack Obama before the audience of the “Unity Rally” that took place in Detroit, Michigan. I quote:

Michigan Gov. Jennifer Granholm received a deafening chorus of boos Monday night at her mention of Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton, the candidate Granholm once backed for the Democratic presidential nomination.

The jeering from thousands of Obama supporters at Joe Louis Arena came after Granholm acknowledged her support of Clinton, and they seemed to take her aback. “Come on now,” the governor pleaded before finally continuing, “I’m proud to say I’m standing with her and all of you” in supporting Obama."""


If BHO is somehow gets into the White House in November - I'm telling you it's going to be GWB all over again only from the left instead of the right. I'm never going to support that. EVER! bad behavior from racists and antaganists alike.

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