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June 08, 2008



Obama really gave her her props and she had a real smile on her face yesterday, not the i want your vote smile


Raw Dawg,

What are "props"?

One of the toughest issues for me to overcome was Barack's fighting to count only 1/2 of Florida's vote.

I've read rule 21-c-7, and I'm a Floridian voter who is familiar with the overwhelming Republican control in Florida. Karen Thurman was not making it up.

My question: how would you feel if the candidate who lost your state publicly argued that your vote should count half?


Hillary and her supporters are a force that will be reckoned with.

Obama is not going to walk into the Presidency without us! He may think he has new math on his side and the media may continue to massage themselves with his brilliant campaign in the caucus states - the caucus system most Democrats hate and avoid that actually give us Republicans over and over again.

Idiots - everyone of them (media). I'm turning it off this week for the summer.



I don't blame you for wanting a big break. I want one too.


THANK YOU for this truly INSPIRATIONAL video...What a painful loss. Obama limped along to the 'finish line' as he was pushed there by the media's extreme Hillary-bashing misogyny that allowed him to get ahead while she was being diminished and degraded--with his complicit approval. Not a word of protest from Barack!...Shame on this prince of Change we cannot believe in and Hope that we fear is hopeless...

Watching this juvenile go on state and perform like JayZ rapper giving Hillary "the finger" (see this ignominious show on Youtube/l.a.times) and 'dusting her off his shoulders and shoes like mud'....Is this the way this socially-retarded candidate shows civility and respect for his fellow (female) Senator?!!!

But, come November, this most disabling affliction, OBAMYOPIA, will be cured for 4 years while the voters deliver the bitter poison of redemption.

RISE, HILLARY! and Maya Angelou's poem just for you, and Shirley Chisholm's spirit will guide you throughout!

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