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June 05, 2008



According to the DNC's own RULES, a candidate must have the magic number of 2018 in PLEDGED delegates ONLY. Sorry, Obama, you are NOT the nominee! You don't have the numbers!

Buck Naked Politics

HI Hill Girl,

As a Hilary supporter, I wish that were true.

Which DNC rule are you referring to?


Possibly she's presenting a garbled version of the "superdelegates can change their mind at any time" argument. If you take that and twist it around a few times, you get to "only a candidate with 2118 pledged delegates is truly safe".

Of course, even that's not true, because pledged delegates are not bound by rule to vote for their candidate, either. In fact, wasn't there already one "faithless delegate" a month back who was certified by Hillary but endorsed Obama? A lot of counts ignored it because it was such a shady move, but technically s/he had the right.

Of course, all of this is irrelevant unless Obama is caught on video doing coke and having sex with a male prostitute or something.

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