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June 29, 2008



The really dumb thing Greenwald has done in my opinion is try to get amnesty from the O-O supporters by saying "he continues to support him against Sen. McCain."

Dumb! Really that is just dumb after a brilliant article that goes after a politician on principle, then throw your own integrity out the door by saying that you will support the lying cheating tilt o whirl vying for the job of Commander in Chief? THAT will get him nowhere – the Obots but in big trouble (note the other O’s anger and response at Kos). THE idiots who’ve drank the disaster-aid will not see you as one of them unless you have the anti O’s in your blood. Don't you know there will be no criticizing the messiah – the chosen one, he who will save the world?! You’ve got to believe to be a fascist! OH!

I liked that you noticed they are all wearing the blue dress and waving pom poms. I mentioned that to my husband and he said - Gross that doesn't conjur up good images for Obama or help the Clintons. I said it doesn't matter it's all part of the same sick game politicians play. They can never tell the truth (spin) and they are expert liars - right to your face they'll lie. It is absolutely amazing then that people turn around and vote for any of these people.



I was talking about Olbermann wearing a pleated blue skirt and shaking matching pompoms. :)

As I've said before, I understand why people are torn over Obama v. McCain. Obama has done things that make him not deserve Dems' votes, and McCain has done things that make him not deserve Dems' votes.

Rocks and hard places.

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