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June 16, 2008


Joseph Culligan

New Obama senior advisor Patti Solis and her husband's $192,500.00 compensation package from his tax exempt entity filed from their home address



that was the weirdest endorsment I have ever seen. plain strange. I love me some Al Gore too - but he went over the line tonight as a deep in the shit democrat while in Michigan he said "we made a choice" refering to the democratic party?! No we didn't - they fucking stole it! I'm so disapointed. Whatever not going to get me down. I have my intentions set and it's not to vote or give money to Obama - Go ahead and waste your's though Damozel. It sure looks neat on camera for Obama and Gore to be at a stadium with thousands of supporters - But looks are decieveing - that guy is a sure loser.

By the way I don't think there is one thing wrong with emotion or showing it. It's how I live, passionatley! Like it or not. I think more people should live passionatley and show emotion this country might not be the big mess that it is.


"""Just a little 2004 quote for any Hillary Supporters hesitant to vote for McCain in Protest.

The DNC Luvvvved McCain So Much They Wanted Him To Be Kerry’s Running Mate for VP.

Despite weeks of steadfast rejections from Senator John McCain, some prominent Democrats are angling for him to run for vice president alongside Senator John Kerry of Massachusetts, creating a bipartisan ticket that they say would instantly transform the presidential race.

The enthusiasm of Democrats for Mr. McCain, an Arizona Republican, is so high that even some who have been mentioned as possible Kerry running mates — including Senator Bill Nelson of Florida and Bob Kerrey, the former Nebraska senator — are spinning scenarios about a ”unity government,” effectively giving Mr. Kerry a green light to reach across the political aisle and extend an offer.

… Chris Lehane, a Democratic strategist who once worked for Mr. Kerry, said such a ticket ”would be the political equivalent of the Yankees signing A-Rod,” referring to Alex Rodriguez, the team’s star third baseman.

Mr. Kerry, the presumptive Democratic nominee, ”continues to be interested in” Mr. McCain, a fellow Vietnam veteran whom Kerry aides describe as the candidate’s best friend in the Senate, as a running mate, said one longtime Democratic official who works for the Kerry campaign.

New York Times, May 15, 2004

Hear that? McCain is John Kerry’s BEST FRIEND IN THE SENATE!

If McCain is good enough for Kerry he’s good enough for my protest vote in November.


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