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June 13, 2008



I've pleaded with Obama supporters for restraint with no dice. Heck, I even offered to vote for the man and was still cussed and vilified.

It's who they are and all of the warnings in the world to stop their attitude doesn't seem to help.

I agree with you 100%. I hope they see the light unless they want a flood of McCain Democrats similar to the flood of Reagan Democrats.


Damozel, I passionately agree with every word you said. I have been outraged about Kirk Wagar's e-mails to Jon Ausman ever since I learned of them just under a month ago. As a lifelong, loyal Democrat who has always voted for my party's nominee in every election since my 18th birthday, I was really trying, after the Democratic Rules & Bylaws Committee met and came up with the fairest solution possible to the delegate mess, to accept that and to try to bring myself around to our party's presumptive nominee. I am a Florida Democrat who was terribly outraged and upset about Dean's draconian decision to yank away ALL of our delegates, from the moment he made it. I followed the delegate nightmare from the beginning and, while I would have preferred all our delegates' full votes restored, I was ready to accept that each delegate getting half a vote was a fair solution. I was ready to move beyond the hurt, alienation, disenfranchisement, yada yada yada and start the healing and unifying process behind our nominee, even though I've always thought he was all slogans and no substance, and had come to think that he was also a hypocrite who actions and those of his campaign are often diametrically opposed to the flowery slogans he spouts. But then I learned of the Wager e-mails. As you so rightly point out, the man (Obama) can't even WIN graciously!!! The delegate mess was all OVER! Obama has the nomination sewn up! Okay, if Wager/the campaign wanted to argue about the delegate slate, fine, go for it, although in my humble opinion, they should have just left the dang thing alone, but okay, argue away. But to send those e-mails, using such despicable, abusive, shocking, UNCALLED FOR, immature, personally-attacking, threatening language? That was the moment that Barack Obama lost my vote forever. His campaign is NOT about "new politics", and certainly not about "inclusiveness". He still could have gotten me back, though, if he had fired Wagar. But did he? Heck no. In fact, the official response of the campaign was to say that Wagar's job was "absolutely safe" and to further dis the people of Florida by showing a completely dismissive attitude and saying that "non one cares about a few hotel rooms in Denver". Unreal.

Again, I agree with every word you said. I am TOTALLY disgusted with Obama and his campaign, and amazed that my fellow liberal Democrats don't see what a flaming hypocrite he is when he speaks of "new politics".


P.S. The Obama campaign made it crystal clear during the primary season, CONSISTENTLY, via many statements of official campaign spokespeople and actions, that they did not want my vote to count in the primary season. And by not firing Wagar after those despicable e-mails, they made it equally clear that they don't want my vote in the general election. Message received. For the first time in my life, I will write in a candidate (Al Gore), not that it will do any good. But I CANNOT vote for this man.

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