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June 05, 2008



We all knew all along that the DNC wanted Barry for his money machine.
What a joke- no PAc or Lobyyist money. BWAHAHAHAHA.
I will make damn sure the voters here in my area get reminded of the lesson I gave them about bundling!

Buck Naked Politics


Good point re: money machine.


Furfurp, like the sound made when as a youngster I would pin my little brother down and let spit drip and then suck it back in before it landed on his face (Furfurp).

I gave to the DNC when Howard Dean became the chairman (huge Dean support here). But I will not give another dime and have decided to leave the party.

BTW - Hillary has a Hillary TV add up on her website. She is thanking her 18 million supporters and it doesn't look like she is going anywhere soon. She states "this part of the campaign".

Hillary 2.0 coming at you Obama like a freight train


Buck Naked Politics


Our girl has taken so much abuse, and if she takes the WH in 2008, she'll just get way more.

Maybe Hillary would rather serve the public a different way -- less painful -- way? Hasn't Hillary taken enough?


Hillary is so much stronger than most people will give her credit for... or when they do give her credit they call her nasty names - we've heard them all.

If Hillary was ready to serve in a different way, I have no doubt she would be or is already doing it - HEY - who knows why Obama ended up at HER house tonight? She may have a few things she'd like to get done... more will be revealed. Oooh what I would have given to have been a fly on the wall during that meeting! How interesting would that have been?

Anyway, my strength and positive thoughts are with Hillary and her supporters. It's not time to throw the towel in - there's plenty of time to do things right.



I agree: Hillary likely has some public-policy issues she'd like to tackle.


I'm trying to take a break from commenting, but I will just give you a little thought courtest of Occam's razor:

If this were painless, wouldn't the RNC do it as well? If this were painless, wouldn't McCain do it, to take the talking point away from Obama? Wouldn't all his primary opponents have done it as well?

The simple, most obvious answer would be yes.

If your argument is that they don't do it because they don't think it matters, then you are not addressing my argument. They lose political ground by not matching him here. You KNOW that Obama will hit McCain on this for the next five months without fail - this is an issue he's got a record of hitting people over the head with.

They don't match Obama in this regard because they can't. Unlike Obama, they don't have a million and a half individual donors. They are more reliant on the large contributors. I'm not basing that argument on some belief in Obama's morals; I'm basing it on Obama's financial statements. Obama is the only one who can afford to cut out a significant chunk (not all, but a significant chunk) of the big donors.

These restrictions are not an end-all to money influence in politics. Obama would be the first to admit that. But are they a start? Yes, they are. Do they have an impact on how you can raise money? Yes, they do. The empirical proof is right there in the actions of Obama's opponents.


My guess, like Bart, is that the discussion last night was very issue-oriented. I doubt they talked about the VP for more than thirty seconds, if at all. I tend to agree with Howard Fineman's analysis: Hillary would rather be a Ted Kennedy figure in the senate, than serve as VP in an Obama administration. There's nothing wrong with that - she's certainly earned the right to make that choice.


Hi Adam!

Bundling is easy to do. Holding fund raisers without personally signing checks is easy. Getting clients to hold fund raisers is equally easy.

My only point is Occam is entitled to his opinion, but merely stating his doesn't change mine.

I think the DNC is misleading the public to get favorable P-R points. My opinion might not be so firm, if I hadn't seen DNC leaders do the same thing re: Florida -- but I did see them do that.

I agree that Hillary would be better off in the Senate (or supreme court, if Obama beats McCain -- she's got the mind, the academic background and a streak for protecting ordinary folks).

I miss you, though I'm getting more done now that you're taking a break.

Please let me know what you think about my invitation: it wouldn't have to be daily and you could continue your Obama ambassador-ship. Seriously.

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