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June 24, 2008



Another major "tipping point" factor not mentioned in that article is the enormous quantity of greenhouse gasses currently trapped in permafrost in northern Russia and Canada. Higher temperatures could release these gasses, contributing to runaway warming. Here's a good article on that subject:

I don't think anyone can say with a high degree of confidence how near we are to a tipping point of runaway global warming. There's an enormous number of variables involved, and predictive models disagree about when things really move beyond our ability to stop them. But the fact is, we MIGHT be near the tipping point, and that really ought to be enough to spur serious action.

The "wide gap... between what is understood about global warming by the relevant scientific community and what is known by policymakers and the public" is owed to the MASSIVE disinformation campaign which has been waged by those who stand to lose profit margin if we act to reduce global warming. That, combined with many people's willingness to believe a convenient lie over an inconvenient truth.

There's a remarkable parallel between the tactics "global warming skeptics" (read: disinformation outfits) have used, and the tactics the tobacco compaines used as the evidence of the cancer link grew more and more undeniable. It's almost as if somebody happened upon their playbook. (First, deny the existance of the data. Then, deny the causative link. Then, lobby to slow legislation and create legal obstacles...)

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