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June 17, 2008



I think they gave Solis Doyle the VP chief of staff spot because it was open. I'll take the words of the actual Obama and Clinton people on this, as oppose to the angry comments of some supporters.

Like you, I don't think Hillary wants the VP slot, nor do I think it's the place she can make the most difference. I also feel that if the Obama people tap someone else, it should be made clear that Hillary didn't want the spot (assuming that's true, of course).

I really can't imagine them tapping Nunn for VP. It would be something of a strategic blunder in my opinion. Setting aside his questionable politics, He weakens both the "change" message and age-based attacks on McCain. And he's not exactly the sort who people will flock to rallies for, either.

If they want someone with a record of working across the aisle, then Sebelius and Schweitzer both fit the bill without actually having a record of supporting social conservative agendas.


What is most astonishing is that in this era of 'message control' politics and 'digitized war room' campaigns, how thoroughly the public arena is sought to be controlled. Wikipedia seems to be no exception, (Eve Fairbanks's excellent review of this battle can be read here:

Already this morning, the first line of Patti's entry in Wikipedia reads:

Patti Solis Doyle (born 1965) is an American political operative and senior adviser to the presidential campaign of Barack Obama, where she is readying to be chief of staff to Obama's vice presidential choice. [1]

Now, that is 'message control' indeed!


Sick! That is how it comes accross to Hillary Clinton supporters. It doesn't matter if Hillary wants the VP or not and I hope she doesn't. With Obama as underhanded as we all think he is out here in the REAL world of politics not trying to form a message or put out talking points. We just see this appointment as more of the same thuggery by Obama. He is one sick bastard in my opinion. Obama the Chauvinist PIG attracts women who hate other women (Doyle)!

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