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June 24, 2008



Here's the message I sent Ken Salazar:

"Subject:Please fight to oppose telecom immunity.

As a citizen of Colorado who supported your candidacy, I am writing to ask you to stand with your fellow Democratic senators such as Chris Dodd and Russ Feingold, and oppose a bill that grants retroactive immunity to telecommunication companies.

First, let us be clear: there is no great urgency in passing this bill. Intelligence services operated for years without this bill and can operate just fine if it expires. They are still allowed to tap international calls without this bill.

Furthermore, no matter what you may think of the need for intelligence services to have these powers, retroactive immunity for telecommunication companies does literally nothing to help our intelligence services. What it does is send the message to these corporations, which have extensive legal departments and knew full well that they were breaking the law, that they are above the law.

This vote is a vote about whether we are a nation of laws, and a nation that respects the civil rights of its citizens. A vote for the current bill is a vote that allows fear-mongering and corporate influence to undermine the core principles of our republic.

I was deeply disappointed to see you vote against senator Dodd's amendment to strip immunity in February. I hope you reconsider that vote this time around, and should that vote fail, I hope you will join other senators in supporting a filibuster so that a better bill can be drafted in conference committee.



Nice job, Adam!

Did you email, fax, or snail mail it?

I hope you'll consider posting it as an open-letter on the blog.

I also hope you'll call Salazar's local office and DC office to register your opinion. Nelson's local office had staff answering phones like crazy and keeping a tally.

Nelson's DC office line was busy. The switchboard lady told me it'd been busy most of the day. :)


I e-mailed it.

Glad you liked it. Your wish is my command; it's now a post.

I still intend to write a longer post about my disappointment with Obama's position, but that might not be until the weekend.



Damozel and I are tres glad to have you aboard. And we DON'T expect a certain # of posts. Anything you want to contribute will be great.

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