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May 17, 2008



You betcha! If the DNC refuses to count Florida and Michigan - after four other states (Iowa, New Hampshire, South Carolina and Nevada) - also broke the rules, then I am leaving the Democratic party and voting Republican. No question.

D. Cupples


Myself, I'll have trouble voting for many Republican candidates, BUT I'll have no trouble refusing to donate to the Dems and not trouble registering as an Independent.


What is the new B.S. I hear on the corporate news channels about Obama having the delegates to win on May 20/21?? More of the same cheerleading I assume?!

I'm going to write in Hillary and no one will be able to change my vote if they don't count MI and FL as is. I'm out of the Democratic party and they can have a losing rock star. I might even vote for McCain I'm that pissed at Obama surrogate and corporate media whores.

D. Cupples

Hi Danny,

I'm scared to death of McCain's economic policies. At the same time, I think the Dems will have a big enough majority in Congress to keep McCain in check once he's in the White House.

I'm not sure what I will do come November.

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