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May 31, 2008



This committee of the Rules and Bylaws MUST seat all of the delegates as they were voted for or they will effectivley disenfranchise the votes of Democrats in two states. If they come back and try to only seat for Obama 50% or 1/2 or something less than the voters votes reflect from those states then they are going to pay a HIGH cost for supporting Barack Obama at the expence of the voters.

This committee had better seat all the delegates from both states at 100% or they will go down in history as liars and cheaters. In fair reflection Hillary won both state fairly playing by the rules everyone was aware of and playing in. She did not try to play games with the process as did Obama, Edwards and Richardson did.

The Michigan un committed delegates MUST got to UNCOMMITTED! Hillary takes the rest as the rightful and honest and fair victor of that state.


If you want to make real change - you change. Times are a changin - I'm no longer a Democrat and I will no longer vote for any Democrats. I will punish them and vote against them every time and I will not give one more dime to a democrate. I'm from Washington State - I'll vote against the Govenor, Mayor and my own congressman in the next election becuase they all vote to support the advantaged candidate and reward bad behavior by Obama and his campaign. I'm done - I'm through I'll reward the corporate media for a job well done. I'll vote for McCain - IF he is the nominee. I feel that strongly about this - I will encourage Clinton and her delegation to walk out of the convention and start a new party - call it Labor! I will never reward what the sob's on the rules and bylaws committee voted to do today. 1/2 a vote for the voters of MI and FL while the so called super delegates keep thier votes. THAT IS BS. bye!


I cannot begin to tell you how disappointed I am in the Democratic Party and its Rules Committee's decision on how to seat the Florida and Michigan. How can you decide to only seat some of the delegation or to take away their votes? How can you decide to award delegates to people who weren't even on the ballot in Michigan? What on earth is the party doing? What message does the party send to its members and to other citizens in the United States when it strips away the votes its citizens? It DOESN'T matter that you warned the states not to move up their primaries!!! You don't punish the elected officials and state parties who made the BAD decisions by stripping away the votes of your party members!!! How does that make sense? How short sighted of you all - after the voting scandals in Florida in 2000, especially! I cannot see any way around this - I used to wonder why people voted against their own best interest - i.e. why poor people would vote for Republican candidates, etc? I am starting to understand. It becomes clearer to me every day that the party elite and their groupies who control this party are out of touch with reality and are more concerned with their own position and status within the party than they are with doing the right thing or caring for their party members. Bye! Good riddance. You won't get any support from me in the future - I've made that mistake for the last time. I will not reward your irresponsible behavior with support in any way, shape, or form - no matter who your candidate is.

Deb Cupples


You make some valid points. Today is a sad day.

Deb Cupples


I agree about the Democratic party, BUT there are some good Democratic candidates out there. And we can vote for them WITHOUT donating to the party and without registering as Dems.

Deb Cupples


Franklly, I would have been ok with giving Obama some portion of the uncommited vote (even all 40%).

What I'm not happy about is that the DNC gave Obama more than that. That's vote theft.


They gave Obama's Michigan based on exit polls, surveys and disqualified write-ins that 'could have been for him or uncommitted'. Remember, there is no rule or by-law asking candidates to take their names off, it was voluntary.

Seat them all. Do the vote over... anything.

BTW, Repubicans also lost a slew of delegates down to fifty something in Florida.

Deb Cupples

Hi biggie,

Yeah, I know about the polls, exit polls, etc. And we know how questionable they've been this year.

I agree that Obama removed his name completely voluntarily. And now, I have a pretty good idea of why: to make it harder to count the actual votes.

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