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May 08, 2008



I have absolutely no problem with Hillary staying in. At this point, all that matters is her message. Just don't attack the presumptive nominee, and everything is cool by me.

In fact, I think the very best thing she could do for the Democratic party would be to stay in, campaign as if Barack Obama doesn't exist (i.e. positive message or attacks on McCain), win WV and Kentucky, and withdraw either on May 20th or June 4th.

At that point, the real question becomes, what does Hillary want? The VP? Obama to take her debt (i.e. pay her off, since it's mostly a debt to herself)? Let her (or Elizabeth Edwards?) draft the healthcare platform? Allow the Hillary-supporting delegates from MI/FL to be seated?

I think any or all of those things should be on the table, if she's willing to concede the race on those conditions. As I've said many times, Obama will absolutely need the enthusiastic support of Hillary to win the general election. He needs to do what is necessary to secure that.


I've said before and I'll say again: Hillary absolutely should have won this thing. The current Time article does a very fair analysis of the issues:,8599,1738331,00.html

None of those things are about either policy or personality. They are all about strategy, and I agree they are all mistakes she made.

Both Obama and Hillary learned something from this campaign, and adapted. In the last month, Hillary has worked the internet for money just as hard as Obama has, she's organized on the ground as vigorously as her budget allowed, and she found a message that resonantes with the current mood (essentially borrowed from Edwards with some foreign policy hawkishness thrown in). Obama has learned how to take a punch, how to steer the media cycle when things are going bad for him, and how to do retail politics.

Sparky Duck

See how proud of the Hill you are when McCain is the President. However, i still do not think she needs to go away, while I would be happy if she piped down a bit

Working Class White Guy (as labeled by the MSM)

Yeah, well I'd appreciate it if Obama piped down a bit... and his supporters too. Obama supporters don't seem to realize that every time they open their arrogant mouths they offend us (Clinton supporters) with their self righteous indignation. Why the hell can't she keep running? Why should she be quiet? Because it's not convenient for you? Because free speech ends when your candidate is ahead?
Obama supporters can pretend all they want that Obama is winning by a landslide in this nomination race - but the total vote tallies are never going to bear out that FALSE myth (put forth by the MSM and Obama surrogates). Clinton has a lot of support and she will speak. She will run. If either of our candidates loses to McCain it will be that campaign's fault - not the fault of the person that loses the primary.


I'll never vote for Obama. NEVER! I may just vote for McCain I hate Obamas supporters that much and the people who call themselves liberal progressive's have done that for Obama.

"NAH! NAH! NAH!" - in the words of the Rev. Wright


Well, Danny you can come over with me because I am voting for McCain because I will NEVER ever vote for that man! I can stomach a Republican for four years in the White House. I am re-registering as a Repub as soon as Hillary drops out and you'll see that hundreds of thousands of others will do so as well. Obamanation will not be the next POTUS


Another one, by a Hillary supporter:

But, by all means, cut off your nose to spite your face. After all, JP Stevens's replacement on the SCOTUS will only serve for 30 years or so...

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