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May 14, 2008



Nebraska was a beauty contest with no GOTV effort from either side. Congrats to Scott Kleeb, though, who soundly defeated a DINO in the primary for the senate race in Nebraska.

Let's not forget the other big race yesterday. In MS-01, the Democrats took a special election in a solid Republican district. Once again, as in other special elections, the guilt-by-association, Wright/elitist/Obama attack failed:

D. Cupples


Whatcha doing up so late?

Incidentally, you asked in another post what I thought would happen with WVA. I had not predictions on percentages.

I've avoided predicting for some time. I dabbled in it recently and got Indiana and NC wrong. I though Hillary would lose (or win) NC by a point or two and would win IN by at least 8 or 10.

I was far from right, yeah?



I was entertaining a friend from out of town. I'll live on low sleep for a day.

Well, I was (double checking results this morning... yep) wrong - Hillary did crack 40%. Only Arkansas was a bigger win for her.

Poblano's demographic analysis was once again pretty on-target. I think the thing to take away from all of this is that the dynamics of the race, in the sense of who tends to back Obama and who tends to back Hillary, haven't really changed since the end of January. It's also worth mentioning, again, that primary success and general election success are two different animals.

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