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May 21, 2008



Things seem to be stabilizing around 16 points, which is right around what those polls projected. Of course the ones you mentioned a few posts back had Hillary much closer, but those were outliers. The polling numbers were pretty accurate for both races today.

Actually, if you look at SUSA's numbers for KY, they haven't really moved since mid-February. The dynamics of the race in Kentucky were set a while ago.

D. Cupples


I don't know why you brought up KY's polls since Feb: I was talking about Oregon's.

I hadn't realized that the recent OR polls were outliers. I should have checked before doing that older post.


I'm just commenting generally on polling dynamics in the race. They've been pretty static. It would not have been that hard in early February to correctly predict the result of EVERY RACE since Super Tuesday. The only tough ones may have been Indiana and the pacific island races, all of which turned out razor thin.

It's worth noting that Obama did just fine among the "white working class" in Oregon. He doesn't have a "white working class" problem, he has a "Appalachian and deep south white working class" problem.

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