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May 08, 2008



damn, damn, damn


I simply cannot figure out what Steny Hoyer is thinking. Why is the majority leader working so hard to act against the will of the majority of his party? Why is Steny Hoyer the majority leader, at all? What was the point of winning in 2006 if the congrssional Democratic leaders are willing to act as enablers of administration crimes?

Honestly, I am lost here. I can't understand why any congressional Democrat would be afraid to take a stand here. The counterattack to attack ads is so easy, and the DCCC is making it very clear that they will go to bat for vulnerable representatives who are willing to support the majority on this.

D. Cupples


My sentiments exactly.

D. Cupples


I've no clue why any Dem would fail to stand against Telecom Amnesty. Rockefeller certainly doesn't need the few thousand in donations he received from Telecom companies, so I doubt that's it.

I suspect that there's something going on that just hasn't hit the sunshine yet.

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