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May 03, 2008



Kantor has said that he will be going after the Obama supporter who fixed the video, He will make the perpetrator of this crime pay to the fullest extent the law. will allow him to hold the criminal accountable.

I happen to have turned on Ed Shultz for the first time in months on a drive accross town Friday afternoon - for oh about the five minutes I could stand listening to the chump! He was spewing all this crap blowviating the lie accross the airwaves from what I was hearing I could tell this was all BS and Fat Eddy should have never touched it. But good old fat Obama Ed was after Kantor and the Clinton's big time, out for blood like a Fox news reporter goes after democrats for breakfast. All before he could even check the facts behind the story. I don't listen to Air America or any Obama supported "progressive" radio people anymore I get to mad and I used to listen a lot. My life has improved of course as a result of not listening to them - So I learned that music is much nicer than AM BS.


Of course, this story is totally irrelevant and nothing but a distraction. Kantor could go out tomorrow in front of the national press club and call for the extermination of all rednecks, and I would not think differently about Hillary Clinton.

The video wasn't "doctored" - no audio was inserted. It was, of course, edited, and inaccurate subtitles were added. I found this clip in an unedited excerpt of the movie:

The scene in question is around 4:45.

I think it's clear that the Media Matters transcript is right about Kantor saying "shitting" not "shit" - and that he's referring to the Bush campaign, not people in Indiana.

On the part Media Matters labels "inaudible", it does sound like he says "worthless white nigger". Setting aside the offensiveness and/or etymological paradox inherent in that phrase, it's entirely unclear who or what he could be referring to. He COULD be denigrating Bush supporters in Indiana, or Indiana boy Dan Quayle who can't deliver his home state for Bush, or maybe the Bush campaign in general.

Who knows... who cares. That and $2 will get you a cup of coffee.

D. Cupples

Etymological paradox: I LOVVVVE it! (I was an English major in the '80s).

You're right in one sense, about the story's not mattering. Even if an Obama supporter was partly responsible, I doubt that even Axelrod would allow something like this.

The story DOES matter in another sense: people at Kos and other pro-Obama blogs were suggesting that HILLARY's TEAM had put the video out there specifically to make Obama look bad.

This matters, because Kos gets 1 million+ hits a day. I don't know how many hits the other pro-Obama blogs get that were accusing Hillary of creating the hoax video, but I'd bet it's in the millions.

Now, if the Washington Post is right about Eric Schmeltzer, then that's pretty good evidence that Hillary's camp had NOTHING to do with it.

That's why I posted about it.

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