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May 14, 2008



She invited everyone to come to the meeting on May 31st, on national television. Brazile said it was an open process that everyone is welcome to attend and have a voice in the meeting. I guess we'll see all the Obama staffers pounding on the doors screaming stop the counts! Reminders of 2000.

Brazile should be stripped of her board position and should not be allowed to get paid by any news corporation while sitting on the DNC board of directors.


Hillary will win this nomination. The Obama Campaign has been way to divisice and polorizing to get the nomination. Did you hear Andrea Mitchel and the Obama new math for Democrats to win the electoral college this morning?! What a stretch! Obama thinks he can win without US. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha. Never going to get it! Nope he's never going to get it!

Karen Kohr-Blinn

We simply need to remind others that Donna Brazile managed Al Gore's defeat in 2000. She doesn't have a good track record.

I posted on another site that Obama attracks losers in their careers as endorsees. Such as John Kerry, Bill Richardson, Susan Sarandon, Ben Affleck, Tom Hanks, and I understand Oprah has lost a lot of her audience. (Maybe the big spending of her book choices and buyers of her magazine are feeling slighted because the endorsement of Obama excluded them because of their color.) Or maybe they are "typical white people?"

Obama is welcome to Edwards' endorsement. I will never forget the near kiss between him and Kerry! They stopped just before they liplocked, unclasped their hands and both turned around and walked off to collect their thoughts and join their spouses on the stage!

I had to smile. That was a classic moment. Whoever captured it on film didn't point out the time or perhaps they did and the portion was cut.

Karen KB

Karen Kohr-Blinn


May I recommend for a letter to and from Donna Brazile? I think you'll find it very interesting.

I am not as techie as I hope to be soon, and I don't know how to link yet. Sorry!

Karen KB


Ms. Brazile, also does not mention that the rules of the DNC state that if the legislature moves the the date of the primary/caucus against the wishes of the DNC that the state need only make a good faith effort to remedy the problem. Both Florida and Michigan tried to develop a plan to revote. It was Sen. Obama who stopped the vote. Thus, both made a good faith effort. Thus, both delegations should be seat (100%) at the convention. Ms. Brazile keeps stating that "their are rules and we (the DNC) must enforce our own rules" Well, then enforce them!!!!! They are clear. Further, there is no provision for reducing the total number of votes needed to gain the nomination even if the delegation is reduced. It only states that that delegations number will be reduced not the total needed for nomination (2209). So Ms. Brazile enforce the rules!!!! I don't believe you are an attorney but you should read the rules before getting on Television and making blanket statements.



I'm pretty sure Al Gore won.

D. Cupples


What bothers me about some superdelegates (like Kerry and Kennedy) is that they're supporting Obama despite the fact that their states voted for Hillary.

And yet these same people warn against "overturning the will of the voters." They're very selective in their application of principle, yes?

D. Cupples


I agree: Brazile, et. al., have been very selective about which rules they would enforce.

D. Cupples


I fully agree with you (and have called for) the removal of Donna Brazile.

Not only does she disregard us ordinary Dems, but she also thinks we're stupid enough to fall for her spin.

I used to think that such disregard (and tactics) were RNC tactics, exclusively. Now, I realize that even some Dem leaders embrace them.

Where is the safe space for us ordinary folk in terms of an organized party?


Brazille = Unamerican

D. Cupples

Hi Pathetic,

I certainly share your disgust with Donna Brazile.

Myself, I avoid calling people "Un-American," but I do think that Ms. Brazile has shown herself to have a penchant for self-servingly misleading the very voters whom she is supposed to represent.

In short, she disregards us ordinary folks -- and doesn't mind lying to us. One of the worst examples, of course, was her repeatedly saying that she wasn't committed to Obama (convince me, she used to say).

At the same time, she rarely resisted an opportunity on TV to promote or defend Obama.

Given that she had a RIGHT to support which ever candidate she wanted, the only fair thing to do was tell the audiences early on that she was for Obama.

Instead, she tried to manipulate us ordinary folk by creating the false impression of objectivity.

I find it insulting to our intelligence.

nancy sabet

This meeting is open to the public, however due to space constraints, guests are being asked to pre-register their attendance. Registration will open online at 10:00 AM on Tuesday, May 27. Members of the public wishing to register should fill out the form at the following link: . Those lacking Internet access who would like to pre-register can do so by calling 202-479-5137.

Kevin Shea

After reading this article it is now clear to me that there is a Vast Left-Wing Conspiracy that is out to get the Clintons.

It looks like this conspiracy is being lead by a bunch of left-wing wackos such as Donna Brazile, Howard Dean, Ted Kennedy, John Kerry, John Edwards, Barack Obama, Bill Richardson and Oprah. And I'm 99% sure that the Free Masons are funding the whole thing. We must stop these nut jobs at all cost!

Deb Cupples

HI Kevin,

I wouldn't say "at all costs," myself. There are still good Dems out there -- but the DNC deserves our wrath.

We can vote for good Dem candidates WITHOUT donating to the DNC and without registering as Dems.

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