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May 16, 2008



This will be interesting to see. The thing is, does Conyers have evidence with which to get at the truth about the Siegelman prosecution?

It will be good to get Rove on the record under oath, as opposed to pontificating on cable television, at any rate.


now thats real pay per view. How ya been folk, dog store coming alone fine - just slow. be safe

D. Cupples

Hi Rawdawg,

I'm ok. How are you?

D. Cupples

Hi bill,

I don't think it much matters. Via the White House, Rove will likely find a way to not testify or to plead 5th on important issues.


Probably true, D.

Rove has squeaked out of testifying on any other matter, why would this be different?

It would be a major victory to get him under oath, even to take the 5th.

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