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May 21, 2008



More evidence of the failed caucus system. Obama won the Kansas caucus handily, however the latest polls from KS on a McCain vs. Clinton or McCain vs Obama matchup show Clinton garnering much more support. Doesn't make sense. How could Obama have been the overwhelming favorite in Feb, but bring the lowest support of the three candidates now? Doesn't make sense unless you look at how the caucus system begins with the premise of disentranchising voters by only allowing a vote to those who are able to get to the caucus site for one specific hour at night...and in KS that one hour happened in the middle of a blinding snowstorm. The real voice of the "people": that only comes through in the ballot box. Since most of Obama's delegate lead comes from caucus states (and many of those states, like KS, are solidly Republican for the fall election), an Obama candidacy throws away any chance the Democrats have of winning back the White House. It's sad and dishearteneing to see the Democratic leaders blindly following what they know is a doomed path.


OK Mary, come on down! It's time to play, "let's cherry pick a poll that supports our argument."

Hillary won California! But Obama polls better than her against McCain! The primary there must be flawed! Villaraigosa's LA machine politics corrupted the process!

Hillary won Nevada! But Obama polls significantly better in that SWING STATE against McCain! Clearly caucuses are biased in Hillary's favor!

Hillary won New Mexico! But Obama polls better in the latest poll in that SWING STATE that includes both of them against McCain! Clearly something questionable happened in that extended recount!

All together now: "primary results do not equal general election results". Facing John McCain is very different than facing Hillary Clinton or Barack Obama.


Deb, your Iowa numbers are state convention numbers - the actual numbers are drastically higher.

As I've said many times, if all the states ran primaries, Obama's pledged delegate lead would be smaller, but given the demographics, his popular vote leads would be MUCH higher. The demographics were on his side in those elections. To wit: look at this map, and tell me you can tell a primary state from a caucus state. I sure can't.

D. Cupples


I just went back to CNN, and it doesn't indicate that those are convention numbers for Iowa. I also went on Google.

If my numbers are wrong, I'd like to correct them. Do you know of another place to find voter turn out for Iowa and results?

I already checked the Iowa dems site, too.


I've heard that the Iowa dems reported 239,000 Democratic voters in the caucuses. One source:

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