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May 13, 2008



Imagine a nation that robs its own people blind, where liberty, freedom and justice no longer exist. Where the people are denied their civil liberties. Where the people are beaten, tortured and threatened by those who are supposed to protect and serve us. Where our sovereignty no longer exists. Where our government is ruled by corperations and special interests. Where the polititions sell us out every day and pass legislation that demolishes our freedoms.
Imagine a government that spits upon the constitution, that delibertly demolishes our economy, that starts wars for no reason, that spies upon its own people, that imposes illegal taxes upon us, that builds concentration camps on our own soil to inprison it's own people, that allows law enforcement to attack innocent people, that arrests those who protest against the government, that is imposing fascist policies against the people such as the REAL ID ACT, The Patriot Act, The Veterans' Disarmament Act among others, that breaks their own laws and rules to silence the people.
Imagine a people too fearful to stand up for their rights, that allows the government to trample allover them, that no longer has the ability to speak up against their oppressors, that has been disarmed and inprisoned by the government, that constantly lives in fear.
Is this our fate? Is this the story we shall tell to our children?
America was once a great nation but due to our own ignorance we allowed tyrants to deceive us, to impose their own will upon us. We had a chance to set things right, to restore freedom and order but we were too scared, too fearful of what would happen to take the chance our forefathers took just a few hundred years ago. They risked everything to create a new nation, where the people live in freedom and no government can take those rights away.

D. Cupples


You're right: we don't have to imagine any of that. It seems to be taking place.

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