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April 24, 2008



In the interest of completeness - Obama offered to debate Hillary last Saturday in North Carolina. Hillary declined, for similar scheduling/logistical reasons. The talk of Obama being afraid of debating Hillary, when they've had an enormous number of televised debates, is a little silly. Obama's people were willing to debate in NC when they thought there was still a point, but now they don't think it has any value to them to have another debate.

Obviously both campaigns are simply acting out of self-interest. The Obama camp feels, and I think rightfully so, that there is very little left to cover at these debates besides a re-hashing of various attacks. Since the finish line is in sight for them, they are far more interested in debating John McCain, and don't see the point in engaging in hand-to-hand combat with Hillary. (Wow, that's a heck of a mixed metaphor.)

D. Cupples


Yes, Obama offered to debate in NC before the PA primary. Hmmm.

I see your point about hand-to-hand combat.

On the other hand, the public still hasn't really had an opportunity to hear about how Obama's campaign-finance-related claims measure up to reality.

I really want the public to assess that one for itself -- that and see a real comparison between the candidates' out-of-Iraq plans, economic plans, and healthcare plans.

Those 4 issues alone could take up 2 hours, if the candidates are allowed to answer in depth.

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