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April 05, 2008



Just had to comment somewhere - the blogs that I frequented since 2003 banned me for doing for Hillary what they were doing for Obama - I was supporting Hillary and pointing out how venomous the Obama supporters were and how awful they treated Hillary supporters. I was banned because I would stir up the Obama supporters and the "site monitors" didn't like that I supported Hillary so strongly. So much for "free speach on the internet if you don't support their idea of who should be the President. Pointing out mind you how Obama will be ripped to shreads in the general election (my insite to what will happen IF he gets the nomination). I went to my Congressional District Caucus today came close out of 9 men running to get one of only 4 delegates moving on 2 for men and 2 for women. I voted for the delegates who won and they are good speakers and unwaivering supporters of Hillary.

Heres what I have to say after listening to Obama supporters who snubbed Hillary supportes and the one woman that gave a hate speach against Hillary and supported Obama before we broke into groups threw all Hillary and Clinton supporters in general under the bus and then backed up and ran over all of us again. She gave a good hate filled Hillary speach with little support in it for Obama but got the Obama people cheering at the end while a lot of us supporting Hillary were just dumbfounded at the venom and racisim towards whites.

I can now say with out a doubt I will not vote for Obama I will be a McCain Democrat if that is what this race comes down to. I won't vote for another Democratic loser. The Democrats have done this to our party too many times and i won't go along again. I cannot stand Obama supporters and the negitive campaigning they have done and how they have ripped the Clintons to shreads rather than spend time on the issues that this country is facing so they can count me out - and from what I hear they could care a less who I vote for and that is from the Obama blogs mouth verbatim.

I still believe even after writing all that above and I know it's a mess. I still have hope for the real change candidate Hillary Clinton will win.

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