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April 25, 2008



My subscription to TNR can be measured in decades, but I just mailed a request to have my subscription canceled.

To be honest, the primary reason I've kept renewing for much of this time has been Kauffmann since the mag. hasn't been liberal since about 1972.

But the current cover was the last straw - well, that plus the fact that its political blogs are the web equivalent of a garbage dump.

D. Cupples


I was truly shocked when I read that blog post at TNR. it sounded like the sort of football-ish commentary that I've heard on Rush Limbaugh (my dry cleaner listens to him).

Isn't it strange that such a reputable magazine would have such childishly written blogs?

Sparky Duck

as for subscriptions, I may need to be unsubscribing from this blathering blog

D. Cupples


I'm sorry you feel that way, but I certainly would like to know what in my post you found inaccurate or offensive.

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