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April 09, 2008



It's hard to tell from the coverage, but there were actually two hearings yesterday. Any footage with Levin/Lieberman/McCain/Clinton is the Armed Services committee, while the footage with Biden/Dodd/Obama is the foreign relations committee.

Biden's question was brilliant.

Given that we have Iraqi security forces that switched sides to Sadr's militia, it's a given that the US is facing US-supplied weapons. The only question is how many. I agree that someone should have gone down that path. Maybe someone did but I haven't heard about it.

HuffPo has a great collection of coverage, including video of both Hillary's and McCain's questions. They don't have any of the foreign relations committee video, though. Youtube of Obama, if you are curious:
(there's about 2 minutes of overlap there, but that's the best I can find.)

The early part of the discussion is more or less a nuts and bolts discussion, with almost no political grandstanding. Obama does make a bit of a political speech right after the end of the first clip. Then he asks a clearly politically motivated question, but one that I think is fairly clever. He asks, essentially, if the status quo could exist without a large US troop presence, would we consider that "success"? Crocker blatantly dodges the question and generally acts slimy. Joe Biden gets testy with him for being slimy. Good times!

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