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April 25, 2008



I'm not going to defend Olbermann's stupid metaphor, but it was a metaphor. Let's please not take it literally. Also, that statement had nothing to do with gender. Yes, it was a terrible joke, but it was not meant literally.

The idea is that Reid/Pelosi/Dean/Edwards/Gore/Carter (all of whom are fairly transparently supporting Obama at this point) need to come out and say it explicitly, and get the rest of the uncommitted superdelegates to join in.

The two speakers focussed all the talk of negativity on Hillary because she is using Republican talking points and is running the most negative campaign of the season, by far. And the Republicans are now actually running attack ads FOR Hillary in upcoming primary states. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out that the Republicans want to see Hillary drag this out a little longer. Obama has been drastically more restrained.

It's Hillary's prerogative to stay in as long as she likes, but her chances of winning actually shrunk significantly on Tuesday. In the largest contest left, and one that was highly suited to her demographics, she actually secured a lower percentage of the votes than the AVERAGE she would need to catch Obama in votes, even if we counted Florida. And of course pledged delegates are completely a lost cause.

This is why you're seeing the new Clinton talking point being "electability", because it's now clear that they won't be able to convince any superdelegate in June that Hillary won the popular vote. So they now have to convince them that overturning the popular vote and the pledged delegates (the "rules of the game" as Hillary's people acknowledged them before they fell behind) is in the party's interest.


Let me be more clear in what I mean about what Olbermann said.

My point is that while Olbermann's throwaway line was in poor taste, I don't consider it to be rooted in sexism. I think he would use the same language if it were Edwards in stead of Clinton who was hanging around with only faint hope. Maybe my ears are just less tuned in to this, but I didn't hear it, the way he said it, as a reference to violence to women.

Gary McGowan

I'd like to run Keith Olbermann down with my car.

Hey, hey! It was a metaphor! Man, you people are so touchy ...

Keith Olbermann should be trussed and dressed like a dead deer.

Whoops, there goes my metaphorical side again. They say that sort of thing all the time in politics, it doesn't mean anything!

If a newscaster said Obama should be taken out back to the tall oak tree, no one would blink an eye?

(Comments copied from others elsewhere on this topic - I think they are spot on. )


I had a hard time getting through this clip...From where I sit as a righty, and I do not like Clinton, I see the media's tongue down the throat of Obama...he can say whatever he wants including calling Hillary Annie Oakley and gets away with it...Olbermann is a joke, he is touted as an anchorman and is clearly a partisan commentator! :)N

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