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April 03, 2008



Ah, that adorable Hillary-bashing, I mean Obama-bashing, I mean anybody-who-is-not-John-McCain-bashing media. I Scarborough and Matthews also each spent a good deal of time analyzing how Obama's bad bowling made him look wimpy and unpresidential.

As the ever-awesome Glenn Greenwald said on, "One can virtually guarantee there will end up being far more media discussion of Obama's bowling methods than there will be of Michael Mukasey's extraordinary lie-filled speech last week about 9/11 or John Yoo's Torture Memo (Olbermann covered the Mukasey story last night [...] but no other television show and virtually no major newspaper has)."

(If you want to read a left-wing blogger who is keeping his eyes on the ball and has absolutely no interest in the Obama/Hillary horserace, you can't do much better than Greenwald.)

The media portrayed both Gore and Kerry as wimpy intellectuals with no connection to "regular people". Rest assured the same playbook would be run on Obama in the fall. Hillary would avoid this one, since the media would in stead try to paint her as a lying bitch.

Of course, Obama could try to counter the attack by allowing the media to watch him playing basketball, but that would portray a somewhat... (ahem) "ethnic" image.

I remember Tsongas swimming the butterfly in an ad in 1992. Tsongas actually was an excellent swimmer. I really liked Paul Tsongas.

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