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April 29, 2008



Well said. We've gone off the deep end, and no Democrat ever wins in these kinds of discussions. The only person winning this election right now is John McCain. We need that to stop.


Speaking as an unrepentant Obama supporter, count me as very happy to see that we can agree on the ridiculousness of this whole affair. Good god, do I wish that we could get back to talking about substance.

I briefly entertained the hope after the last so-called "debate" that Obama and Clinton, both of whom were clearly put off by the whole thing, would remind one another afterwards that this circus is what they're really fighting against, not each other.

Today I had a similar thought -- whether it would occur to Obama that his clearly-increasing frustration with Hillary in many ways parallels how his relationship with his pastor of 20 years. In both cases, it's the dog-and-pony show of the national media cycle that's gotten between them.

The tit-for-tat of the primary is hurting them both; the punditocracy gins up false controversy over something meaningless, asking "is this an issue?" over and over until it actually *becomes* an issue for some voters, then someone in one campaign mentions it offhandedly (because it's an issue now!), the other gets (rightfully) angry about it (because it's actually nonsense) and hits back, and so forth.

A few months ago, they were both being more cautious about saying, "No, that's really not a real issue," but it keeps piling up and getting more and more personal and there's no opportunity to ratchet things back -- it's death by a thousand paper cuts. It's really sad. They're both better than this.


For the record, that was a different "Adam", as oppose to me, the Adam that's been posting here. That said, I pretty much agree. Damozel, and John Cole, have both summed this up pretty well.

The Hutchinson piece is completely ridiculous for a wide variety of reasons, so I'll just pick two:

1) Obama's actions did not elevate Wright to a national figure. The media's actions did that. Now he's seizing on the opportunity to become another Al Sharpton. Obama sees this, which is why he's angry at him.

2) Hillary beats McCain by 10 points? Where, in New York? The Gallup poll has them in a virtual dead-heat (47-45). Cherry-picked polls to not bolster an argument, they just make the argument look desperate.

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