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April 27, 2008


Sparky Duck

Ohhhh I see, we want to be sure McCain is President, my bad


As you say, all we have here is the appearance of inpropriety. There's nothing actually here. Maybe he wasn't in a position to avoid the appearance of inpropriety because he was, you know, broke?

But Obama's the elitist in this campaign, not the two multimillionaires. God bless America.

D. Cupples


Seasoned lawyers politicians (esp. those who plan to run for national office should know better than to create the APPEARANCE of a quid pro quo.

What's your problem with what I wrote?

D. Cupples


I didn't answer your question.

He could have avoided the APPEARANCE of impropriety by telling his former boss (or client) that he CANNOT write a letter on his behalf (asking for state $), precisely because that would create the appearance of a conflict of interest.

As a lawyer (and one who is LESS experienced than Obama by virtue of having gone to law school later than he did), I can tell you that avoiding the appearance is Lawyering 101.

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