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April 30, 2008



This won't hurt Hillary:

Pretty disgusting story.

To be clear, there's absolutely no evidence, or reason to believe, that the Clinton campaign is at all connected with this. But the fact that Clinton supporters are engaged in active vote-supression efforts is really sad.

D. Cupples

HI Adam,

I read the article. "Pretty disgusting" is right.

I suspect that certain Obama-infatuated media personalities will try to tar Hillary with this one (as you just did).

Feeling a tad defensive (just for the moment), how did you feel about SOME Obama supporters' handling of the Texas delegate convention (remember the video I linked to by Kim Frederick)?

Incidentally, I didn't get from the article HOW the group was trying to disenfranchise. Creating panic and extra work, maybe, but disenfranchising?


It's disenfranchisement because it's an attempt to spread disinformation that implies the person receiving the call is not registered to vote. When you call thousands of homes in predominantly black neighborhoods in the week before a primary, and imply they are not registered, you are attempting to discourage voting. The right wing has engaged in very similar practices leading into the general election.

I thought I was clear (or, as clear as one can be in a very short comment) that there's no direct link here to Hillary's campaign. The people that run the organization are Hillary SUPPORTERS; that is both self-evident and easily verifiable. But there's absolutely no reason to think Hillary/Bill/Wolfson/McCauliffe, or anyone else involved in day-to-day operations in Hillary's campaign, was in on this. As I said, it's sad that Clinton SUPPORTERS would resort to vote-suppression.

D. Cupples

Oh, I see what you mean: it's sad to see HILLARY supporters do such shitty things -- just like it was sad to me to see OBAMA supporters do shitty things in Texas.

It's sad that ANY dem candidates' supporters would resort to nasty tricks. Technically, it's sad that Repub candidates' supporters would too, but thats become rather expected (unfortunately).

D. Cupples


I re-read the article you linked. I'm troubled by the audio clip, but I haven't yet found a link to the mailings in NC. Do you have such a link?

The way the article is written, it sure does sound like an Obama supporter with an ax to grind against Hillary had written it.

Again, I'd like to erase my prior statement and suspend my judgment until I see more evidence.

Help if you can, please -- i.e, send me a link to the text of the NC mailing.


I can't find any link to a scan of the mailing. As far as I have heard, the following facts are not in dispute:

- The mail-in registration deadline for NC has already passed.
- The mailing was a fairly standard set of registration documents. There is also a message implying that the documents must be returned in order to vote. WVWV's name or agenda is not displayed in any prominent way.

To me, it's overwhelmingly clear that the phone call/mailing campaign was a large-scale effort to suppress voting in the AA community. If you want, I will lay down the arguments for this. Very briefly, the smoking gun is the timing and the targeting.

I see no point in making a moral comparison between this and whatever went on in Texas.

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