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April 08, 2008



Thanks for covering this topic. I wrote the story at NoQuarter (thanks for help from Fleaflicker and SusanUnPC) and I'll be updating the information as we go along.

When considering the update from WaPo that Holzer was who she owed the money to, we can obviously conclude they were the ones who denied Trina Bachtel. It is unfortunate in the attempt to destroy Clinton, many have overlooked that the media ran over 2 dead bodies and a small town to be as vicious as they could trying to call a candidate a liar.

I don't care to advocate for or against Clinton, but I believe these outlets owe Trina's family an apology and an apology to Bryan Holman.

Additionally I'm an independent journalist and I used the materials provided by the media outlets themselves. I just didn't have a motivation outside telling the accurate story. By not having an underlying motivation, calling someone a liar or releaving them of their guilt, I was able to piece together information with an open mind. And I'm not done yet.

The story is: A young lady and child are dead because a hospital placed their credit rating above care. And Sen. Clinton is correct about the moral of the story when she says, "thousands of dollars were spent over not having $100".

The fact is, Trina Bachtel didn't have insurance when she went to Holzer. She was turned away because of a previous debt. She got insurance by the time she was at O'Bleness. O'Bleness violated HIPAA laws by telling the press (unprovoked) that they were innocent. I'm thankful they did because now we can see what really happened and hopefully we'll see some changes so we don't have to report a story of another Trina Bachtel.

Bless her family and Deputy Bryan Holman, and of course the journalists who dare tell the truth instead of follow the gaggle of hyenas.

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