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April 30, 2008



Hillary has the best Healthcare plan any way you look at it - Obama peeps call it "Hillary Care" and yes she does (care). That's why she has the best plan out there.

Hillary want's to give a tax cut to the American people this summer through lower gas prices at the pump and she tells us how she'll pay for it too. Obama call's it a "trick" yes it is TRICK like a fine automobile is... Hillary has a plan and it seems the IL legislature did something very similer for the people of that state some time back (heard a blurb on the radio about it). Not sure if Obama was involved then as a State Senator or not but if he was and is now calling what his own state did for it's people nothing more than "playing "trick" politics well then Obama loses again.

Hillary has a plan and solutions for the American people she is out there everyday working hard to get the approval and support of the American voters because she is our best hope for the future and Obama is nothing more than a game man with nothing but games to play - He needs to just step out, he is not ready and I'm not sure now he will ever be ready.

I like what I see is happening for Hillary and this country. It looks like we have a real chance at winning and taking the White House. In it to win it!

Sorry - I didn't teach myself how to use grammar or punctuation in school - I'm also very bad in math - I'm old enough now to only care that it doesn't matter anymore, really - My vote does. I just wish that more kids from broken homes will have a better education than I got. My huzbin now is an incredible man - very book smart - thinks on his feet like no other - and is Swedish - LOL. Anyhow nice to read all the posts here on a pro Hillary blog. Went to Key West for two weeks and had the time of my life - Florida wants Hillary!!!

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