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April 11, 2008



There's that pro-Obama media bias again, rearing its ugly head.


Thank Christ it seems to be shifting a bit at last, thanks in part to the efforts of pro-Hillary supporters who have insisted o calling out MSM and others.

It took awhile to knock the false halo off his head, but finally people have stopped seeing him as the Second Coming of JFK (who somehow has regained his halo).

It's probably too little and too late for it to do any good to Hillary, but it at least ensures that people who aren't blinded by the light will look carefully into his policies, record, and beliefs. I trust that Democrats will come to their senses and realize that whatever his flaws may be, he would at least be a candidate accountable to the party and that McCain seems to have lost the plot.

I will feel much easier in my mind voting for an Obama I know---warts and all---rather than one who has ascended to the presidency on a cloud of media hype and Hillary-bashing.


I saw that one blog is now advertising on another blog (I don't want to provide focus on the blog that I can't stand). Now that the blog has lost a ton of Hillary supporters because of its view and vile post's against Hillary and the Democratic party she represents.

I'm not so sure the MSM is coming around.


As I've said before, damozel, I think media bashing of the major Democratic candidates has been pretty balanced since super tuesday. Before then you had plenty to complain about. Actually, you have had plenty to complain about since then, it's just that Obama supporters have had plenty to complain about as well.


What's most disturbing is how Obama is above reproach. It's become almost blasphemy to criticize him in anyway. Kudos to John Stewart for pointing this out in his comedy routine, but he'll probably catch flack for that, just like the rest of us. It's as if Obama has been packaged and sold to us as some kind of diety, when he's nothing more than a junior senator, with a thin resume, who voted present a hundred times at his job.

Obama Fan

This was a fantastic and historic win for Barack Obama and our country! I believe he will do a great deal to attempt to unite this country!

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