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April 11, 2008



Hillary was requesting an event during the school day. Obama's rally was at night. That doesn't disrupt the school day. It's not really comparable.

Apropos to the question of unity, though, this is a very interesting post:

D. Cupples


The school officials made TWO statements (printed above): the second was that it didn't want to appear to be endorsing Hillary.

And yet, two officials did just that at the speech.

You can't validly ignore the one statement and focus only on the other.

D. Cupples


I went to that article re: the polls. It's interesting, but there are a whole lotta assumptions and extrapolations.


Yeah, the latter reason was clearly bunk. Of course, any school board, city council member, mayor, governor, or member of congress is free to endorse whoever they want. No point in being duplicitous about it.

I'm not about to put any money down to back the conclusions of that article. But the analysis overall is quite interesting, and it does make a lot of sense. As I've said before, the loser of this nomination is going to have an enormous role in the success of the winner, either by taking the VP slot or by agressively campaigning for the winner. The lack of visible support for Hillary/Obama would be a huge blow to Obama/Hillary's chances.


Actually, you could make the argument that it was the school officials that wanted to remain neutral, while the mayor and congressman never really hid their feelings. So, it's possible that nobody was dishonest about their motivations here.

D. Cupples

You're right again: officials can endorse, BUT the district's claim that it wanted to appear neutral was a BS reason to deny her request -- given that they gave Obama the venue.

Why give a BS reason if you have one good one (timing)?

It'd be interesting to know whether the school system offered Hillary an after-hours spot.


fivethirtyeight did a follow-up where he took the same approach with Clinton. It makes her the clear favorite, although there's a bunch of tossup states so it's not as secure as Obama after his projected bounce.

D. Cupples


I'm skeptical even if the assumptions and speculations put Hillary in the lead. That's just me.

But It WAS an interesting analysis!

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