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April 19, 2008



I'm on record wanting something like an extra $1.30 to $1.80 EXTRA gas tax. It's a triple whammy - reducing the deficit, reducing carbon output, and weakening our political dependence on and financial support of the OPEC states.

I cringe a little every time Hillary and Obama bring up gas prices. It's an easy populist hot-button issue to push, but I think they both know better. If we are going to stop climate change, the cost of gas is going to have to go up, not down.



Well, this makes me happy to be an Obama supporter. Unfortunately, even Obama refuses to actually support a RAISE to the tax, although he surely realizes that enforcing cap-and-trade on refineries would have that effect.

Hillary is breaking from the core of her public policy by supporting this idea, although her "if we could make up the lost revenues" hedge sort of means "I support this unless I don't".

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