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April 13, 2008



I wrote about this and then hit delete - I ddn't have very nice things to say.

So I will say this - I don't believe for a second that Al and Jimmy are going to "tag team" Hillary for Barack to win.

A bunch of B.S.

Hillary wins because Hillary is the best choice for this country, hands down.


Carter denies the story. It looks like this is just some old-fashioned old world made-up gossip masquerading as journalism.

D. Cupples

Danny and Adam,

I suspect that you're right about the story's being BS -- if only because Gore publicly said that the race should go on.

That's why I referred to an "alleged" goal. I wonder why the Scotsman writer made up the story. This is the same newspaper that outed Samantha Power on the "monster" remark, I think.

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