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March 16, 2008



Thanks. I walked out because I had enough of the bashing as well. Now I don't go anywhere new dailyKos. Let them rotten in their own stew.


I thought dailyKos represented the entire progressive community but I guess not. They have alienated a large segment of their supporters and let's not forget this in the future.


What about Obama supporters' actions in the last couple months convinces you that it's no longer true that Clinton and Obama "would both about equally do for [you]"? Their positions haven't changed; neither has their experience. Has something happened that makes you re-evaluate his position on something?

Again, although this election has seemed ugly as all get-out to you for some time, from a MSM perspective it only started getting dirty in the last two weeks or so (and not in a way that is particularly slanted towards or initiated by Obama). The average voter, who is going to decide this nomination and this general election, does not read dailykos. There's been plenty of vitriol, but it has been below the radar until very recently.

I am NOT trying to nullify your anger; you're entitled to it. If dailykos is too slanted to be worth your time then that's fine. Just recognize it for what it is - sniping between the most vocal, and probably the least reasonable, members of each side. Hopefully, in the months between the nomination and November, that 20% or whatever it is, that claims they won't support the other side if he/she is nominated, will have a chance to sit down and remember what the real issues are.

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