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March 29, 2008



Correction: Carville's piece is in the WaPo, not the NYT.

On McPeak:

1) I still haven't seen the full text or video online. I only saw the comments in context once, and my recollection of that snippet is that it was an analogy as oppose to a direct accusation. If you have any tangible material suggesting otherwise, please let me know.

2) McPeak is not part of Obama's campaign any more than Ferarro or Carville is part of Clinton's.

3) The MSM *did* pick the story up, and make it into a negative for Obama. If you watched cable news that night, you saw plenty of it. I don't understand why you think Obama got a pass on this story. Every major media outlet covered it.

As for Carville, he admits himself that he intended to create a story, and he succeeded. The nasty back-and-forth between Richardson and Carville is hyperbole answered with hyperbole. They WANTED coverage and they got it.

I don't see any evidence of a double standard here. Unless your point is just that Olbermann is biased toward Obama. Well, yeah.

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