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March 15, 2008



"The poll suggests that 25% of pro-Hillary Dems plan to vote for John McCain if Barack Obama becomes the Democratic nominee. About 10% of Obama's supporters plan to vote for McCain if Hillary wins the nomination, according to the poll."

Perhaps this is because so many of Obama's supporters are African Americans, the most loyal Democratic constituency in existence, and so many of Hillary's supporters are so-called Reagan Democrats.

There is a reason they are called Reagan Democrats. They are the least loyal Democrats. So the plan should be this: throw the most loyal Democratic contituency under the bus and assiduosly court the least loyal Democrats.

Good plan.

D. Cupples


You sound offended. Why?

I think we can read all sorts of things into Pew's poll (assuming it's accurate).

It may NOT be the only factor, but I do think that many Hillary supporters are upset with Obama's passively-aggressive negative campaigning. I think they are upset with the inherent hypocrisy in some of his campaigning.

That's NOT a swipe at his supporters -- they don't control what the campaign staff does.

D. Cupples


Regarding party loyalty: as posted above (with link), Sen. Obama's wife was the first to publicly state (about 6 weeks ago, in front of her husband's supporters, God, and other ABC viewers) that supporting the Dem nominee in November was NOT a given.

That was before Hillary's poorly worded comments on McCain's experience, which some have twisted into an endorsement of McCain but could easily be interpreted as a stupidly worded attempt to say, "Hey, Barack's gonna have trouble going up against McCain's experience in November, but I wouldn't because I have experience too."

And just a few days ago (also linked above) Hillary publicly stated that HER supporters should support Obama if he's the nominee.

Which candidate is more loyal to the party?


is there a pro-hillary media? i've wondered why ted kennedy and john kerry haven't endorsed hillary since she won mass. primary and if there are other instances like this.

D. Cupples


Some bloggers are pro-Hillary, and some media seem to try to report somewhat objectively, but I don't see a whole lot of pro-Hill media.

Hillary won the New Mexico caucus, but NM governor Bill Richardson endorsed Obama today.

I think Kennedy and Kerry endorsed before the MA primary. Maybe they thought their endorsements would help Obama win that state.

If so, they were wrong.

D. Dickey

Count me as another Hillary supporter who will vote for John McCain if the Democratic nominee is Barack Obama. Our nation is in a dangerous situation right now, and I do not believe Obama has the experience needed to lead our country. The media has forced him on the public for some reason and has done everything they could to knock Hillary out of the race. She has the experience and the wisdom to guide our country through these troubled times. If she is not the nominee, I am sure there will be many more than 25% of her supporters voting for John McCain.

D. Cupples

D. Dickey,

I suspect you're right about the percentage being higher than 25 -- especially with certain media outlets again trying to bully Hillary into quitting (even before Pennsylvania).

Her supporters won't take kindly to any of this, and many will likely see it as an effort by Obama.


i will also vote for john mccain if obama is the dem nominee. to use one of his favorite words, i think most whites voting for him are being bamboozled.

D. Cupples


Again, many other Dems feel the same way. Myself, I don't know how I'll feel in November, but my perception of Obama (and his campaign) is a lot more negative than it was a few months ago.

In fact, I had no negative perceptions of Obama until January. Since then, they've only grown -- largely because of Axelrod's tactics.

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