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March 14, 2008



TPM didn't deem Clinton racist. What John Marshall said there was "Clinton's campaign and her surrogates have injected the subject of Obama's race into this campaign too many times now for it to be credible to believe that it is anything but a conscious strategy." I'm not going to defend or deny that comment, but it is a far cry from accusing someone of racism. (Obama's campaign never called Ferarro's comments racist, either, for what that's worth.)

Damozel, you state how the media has put Hillary's campaign under exceptional scrutiny from the start. Fair enough. You consider this unprovoked and unfair. A bit idealistic of you, perhaps, but fair enough.

However, you say that Obama has faced a similar level of intense scrutiny and criticism in the last month because, "the media love to rip the rug out of campaigns that have gone too far in sanctimoniousness, faked faked-up righteous indignation and hypocrisy." Even if I agreed with that framing of the campaign, is the media rreally such a monolithic force of righteous justice? Uh... no.

The media has started piling on Obama for two main reasons - one, they are always more critical of the front runner in the current age of news saturation. Two, the right-wing pundits are more worried about the Obama-McCain matchup (rightfully so or not) and have begun gearing up the war machine against him. Hence the WSJ editorial - I shouldn't have to remind you that the WSJ is hardly a friend to the Obama campaign, either. For more damning evidence along these lines, check out this bit:

Also, I think it's more than a bit idealistic to imagine that the Clinton campaign would be rushing to defend Obama in this current news cycle if only he had been playing nicer. She needs to reverse the tide in a huge way to get the nomination, and defending your opponent is not a good way to get there.

Yes, after avoiding it until March, this campaign finally HAS gotten as nasty as most political races get. It's unfortunate, but with such enormous stakes and in what's essentially a personality-driven contest, it was almost inevitable. At the end of the day, though, I just advise you to look through the issues section at both campaign websites. There are differences, sure, but many, many more similarities.

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