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March 19, 2008


Nancy sabet

Yeah, Rep Murtha - the voice of reason!

Thank you for your service to our country and for the courage you continue to display by stepping up to endorse the right candidate. As you can see, you will now be the target of scorn, threats and untruths but somehow I think you will be able to handle it.


The depth and breadth of Hillary's experience is the best among all the candidates, bar none. Thank you Rep Murtha for acknowleding this and for being detailed and vocal in your acknowledgement.

More than ever, it is clear that she is the best candidate to assume the Presidency during these trying times. No other candidate has plans as thoughtful and detailed as hers - proof that she has seriously considered all aspects of the issues that plague us. From the war in Iraq, to the economy, foreign affairs and critical domestic issues that impact all our lives, Hillary has thought about them all.

I look forward to watching her on inauguration day, being the star (and not the sidekick) at her own parade.

Vote Hillary! Go Hillary!


thank you for your service

Vote Hillary

I will continue pray for you
you the best.

May God bless you.


Obama and family go to church with ear plugs because "I''ve never heard him speak that way" but in the next sentence says "He''s been part of my life..." News flash people - the hatred this minister holds did not happen overnight, it''s deep seated just as Obama says - but I guess it was the ear plugs that prevented Obama from hearing it all these years?He''s qualified to lead this country because he can''t afford a house so he has a rich friend (now on trial) buy the lot next to them a list price so they get the home at a discount. Most Americans would just keep looking but not Mr. Obama he takes the offer and is a proud owner of a luxurious house in Chicago - Oh until he is caught. When asked about this - "It''s just old Washinton politics."You''re right Mr. Obama, you are old Washington politics - another fraud - just shined up to appear new.
Senator Obama stated that Wright (I am not sure of his credentials to be a Reverend or Pastor; ie, what seminary he attended), harbored mis-trust and animosity built up from years of racial injustices that had been thrust upon Blacks in America. I am para-phrasing but this appeared to be the rationale Senator Obama was hiding Wright under. It seems to me that someone, anyone, in that church should have pointed that out to Wright and the fact that to continue to spew hatred in the direction of others (whites) would be an injustice to the children who attend the church and now have the opportunities of nearly 3 generations of assurances for racial equality - such as the fair housing act and affirmative action. Just the fact that Obama has come so far in his candidacy for his parties Presidential nomination attest to this.To continue to re-live the past, especially in front of the children of the church, on makes the past, the present. It never allows the past - to pass.
These many omissions by Obama spotlight why he is "not ready" to be President or to lead this nation. I have no doubt of his ambitions to do so; however, his mistakes and worse, his excuses show a lack of preparation and a lack of judgement that is necessary for a President.There is a strong will among many of the voters for him to be President, but it is better for him to run when he can succeed than to run now when he will undoubtedly continue to stumble and worse, fail.His experience has been on a local level where everyone he has worked with has had the interest of south Chicago or the interest of Illinois in common. He has never worked with leaders of foreign governments whose only interest is their own and could not care less about the agenda of the U.S. Obama has confused his abilities on local levels to achieve common goals with like minded people with an ability to bring together persons who have no concern in the best interest of Americans.


I found this speech devisive on so many leves. First, let us not compare Ferraro''s statement with Wright''s. Wright has made numerous anti-white and anti -country statements while Ferraro simply stated what everyone including Obama knows and that is his race has garnered him has..and it certainly isn''t racist to say it. Second, he says the past is not dead and buried...while we should never forget what happened to black in America it is time to move past it and create an atmosphere of acceptance for all. As outraged as blacks would be if this was said at a primarily white congregation is as outraged as everyone including black Americans should be over the rantings of Wright. I am sorry but he is not the unifier that everyone thought he was. Finally, now he admits..yeah I was there when he made some of those remarks..well then he lied two days ago when he said he was not. He knew that with 8000 members in the church someone was going to say he was there so he was forced into telling the truth...I am sorry but the speech leaves me to believe that he would have gone on with Wright as his mentor if the sermons had not hit the media.
Last week, Obama said he was not aware of Rev. Wright''s comments until his presidential campaign. Then, today, he said he was aware of Rev. Wright''s comments. So, he lied. And, since he was aware of Rev. Wright''s comments, what does it say about his "judgement" that he allowed his children to be exposed to such hateful comments? I know Obama is a real smooth talker, but there are still some very serious questions about this guy. Preaching hate of America in the name of religion is wrong! To sit in a pew for 20 yrs and take your family to that church is wrong even if the hate language was only occasional. Religion should be about healing, love, peace and forgiveness, not hate. Look at what has happened in America, to America and by America as a result of hate in religion.
Obama Practices and preaches one thing until he is caught and then changes gears and redirects attention away from his involvment on the issue by broadening the issue so it appeals to the masses. This guy is a true politician, and has very good spin control analysts in his war room.This is the 3rd time those spin doctors have taken something Obama was caught red handed in and turned it around so the message appeals to the masses or he just down right dismisses it by saying that is nothing more than "old Washington politics." I guess someone is qualified to speak about race in America if his mother who is white, marries a black man and brings his family to worship at a church led by a racist.

Chris Custer

While I have to admit Obama's speech was quite brilliant and superbly delivered, never reading anything from text, making eye contact with various members of the audience, and completely memorized as a performance should be, I must say I really did not appreciate Barack badmouthing and trashing the memory of his own grandmother--a dottering woman who had raised him and loved him as though he were her very own son. Comparing his grandmother's fears and racist mumblings to the insidious hateful exhortations spewing from his pastor Reverend Wright was a dead wrong thing to do. Moreover, racist mumblings can never equate to the exhortations of a man who not only screams out much the same things every Sunday, but releases the sermons on DVD/CD format. Good or bad, no one's grandmother should be lowered to such a level by her own family member.


Yes on trashing his grandmother. According to reports, she and her husband raised him for several years and paid for a private and prestigious high school education to boot, even though his skin is decidedly black; how racist could she be? A real racist wouldn't do that, in my opinion. And heck, some blacks ARE scary - as are some whites, hispanics and/or italians - you name the ethnicity. Depends on the person, and whether you fear there is evil intent. Yep, he threw his grandmother right under the bus to save his own sorry a**. I wonder how she's feeling right now, huh? But no doubt he's called to re-assure her, to tell her it's all just political spin.

Besides, the question of his grandmother's use of racial slurs is not the point. We all understand that as a child and young boy he had no control over who his parents/grandparents were, or what their various biases might be.

The real question is, what choices and associations has Obama made AS AN ADULT? (Think Rezko, think Rev. Wright). And who did he abandon in the process? (A good number of those poor folks he met 'over kitchen tables' who ended up in those slum apartments?) Most importantly, how do these choices over the last twenty years reflect on his character, judgment and fitness to be the next president?

Forgive my cynicism, but I most definitely suspect this 'profound speech' was a diversionary tactic and all about deflecting the spotlight back onto his opponents, particularly Clinton. Obama's persona and campaign strike me as one of the slickest political marketing ploys ever devised, and the way this well-oiled act mesmerizes the national and international media is quite astounding. Kudos Mr Axelrod.

Now, if only your wife would have the courage to stand up in protest of the Hillary Clinton character assassination as it plays out in the press. I wonder who SHE'S voting for?


It is amazing how ridiculous the pledged delegate system is. Caucus system used by the democrats is a joke. Hillary gets 737 votes in Iowa and Obama
gets 940 . Obama ends up getting 9 more pledged delegates than Hillary even though the difference in votes was only 203. That is 22 votes per delegate. In California, Hillary gets 416000 votes more than Obama yet she only gets 36 delegates more than Unpatriotic Obama. That comes down to 11000 CA votes per delegate.Is not it a joke that the votes in Iowa are 55 times more valuable than in the great state of California?


The better method will be to use the total popular vote method. Hillary is already ahead if you count Florida & MI. Florida should be counted anyway as both Clinton & Obama's names were on the ballot. If there is a revote in MI, Hillary will win again. Asuming that Hillary wins PA, WV, KY and IN & Obama wins NC,MT, OR & SD .Using these assumptions, she will have approx 300000 more in popular votes. This is one of the ways it can be a fair election. Another way to judge is to use WINNER TAKE ALL method. and use the Electoral Vote method which will be used in the General Election in Nov.Cuurently Clinton has 267 electoral votes for the states she has won and Obama has 202 electoral votes using the same method as used in the GE. Assume that Hillary wins PA, WV, Indiana & KY
and Obama gets SD, NC , OR , MT , Clinton will have 308 electoral votes and Obama will have 230 Electoral votes.That is 33% more electoral votes than Obama has. Clinton should thus be on top of the ticket rather than Obama who has been inspired by a man for 20 years who says " GOD DAMN AMERICA"Obama has been going to this church for 20 years, listening to this subversive, anti-American *** and continues to go to the church and call this man his spiritual advisor. How can someone be President of the United States when for the past twenty years he has been going to an "I Hate America" lecture every Sunday. Just think of how "God Damn America" will be played over and over and over again in Republican ads. To insult our country and to DAMN our country, while this man enjoys the very blanket of freedom that I (being military) provide, is absolutely unforgivable. More than anything we have to wake up Pelosi, DEAN, Robert Kennedy, Kerry, Brady & Gary Hart who have been fooled by fast talking Obama. You were responsible for our defeats in the past . You need to think real heard about her job if they give Obama the nomination and then he loses. She need not blame it on Clinton, who is questioning his experience and electablity now. Now is the time to ask these questions, because the Republicans surely will in the fall and I'm convinced that the media will do all they can to help John McCain get out his message!!! It's time to vet Barrack Obama before it's too late, let the process go on!!!! Let us GET UNITED . Let us win with the DREAM TICKET.


Although I've been pretty lefty-liberal most of my life here in San Francisco, I find myself groaning whenever an African American pundit begins to comment on the campaigns of Hillary and Barack Obama (BO). It's pretty consistently clear whose side they are on, sometimes only thinly veiling contempt in their tone of voice when pointing out "old white women" are still a big voting block for Hillary. Meanwhile, I occasionally get confronted and accosted on the streets for simply wearing Hillary paraphernalia, as though support for Hillary must mean I am racist. Oh, I sure wish the media would stop coddling Barack Obama (BO) and start holding him accountable for all his lies, shady history, lack of experience, and general inconsistencies to his message. Obama's ingenius campaign has been secretly creating a highly divisive campaign: Axelrod claims that the last thing his BO's campaign wants is for race to be an issue--when in fact he has been bringing it up every step of the way, baiting Hillary and others for even their most innocuous comments. When the dust settles, the country finds that 90+ percent of Blacks are voting for Obama, as are a great many students of all races who have bought into the notion that this is a race-free election. Now that Whites, Asians, and Hispanics now realize they have been conned by a Black supremist who's been privately spewing rants against the very people who have looked beyong color--only now are they taking a closer look at the issues and the promises being made. Now that some of the real man is leaking out, it may be too late for Hillary Clinton and too late for the democratic party to win the white house. How screwed up is that! In a perfect world, we would get to re-do all the primaries--take back Connecticut and Missouri, and win by larger margins elsewhere.

Chris Custer

The Michigan primary must happen, must have a revote, espeically given that the whole election has been turned upside down with Obama's recent free-fall. According to this recent gallop poll, Hillary has not only overtaken Obama in the national poll but is increasing the distance:

Apparently, people still have issues about the admitted lying about attending the sermons, continuing to attend the sermons for over 20 years, and being married to a woman who is only recently feeling pride for her country. It may be too little too late for Hillary, but if the people continue revolting, who knows how this will all play out.



You can also go to & type IS OBAMA WRIGHT? You will get the same Video very very nicely done


As a black woman I want to say that all black people are not voting for Obama. I have been saying it since the beginning that this guy is not all he says he is. I have argued with my brother because he said we need to give the black man a chance. I said to him I will when I see one that is qualified! Needless to say we disagree! I am a proud black woman and I am disappointed to see that black people and other races of people are so easily fooled by smooth talk. Obama does not have a family history of slavery, his father does not come from American Slaves and as far as I know most black Africans think they are better than black Americans. Black Americans should think about this. I don't care if he did marry a black American, that doesn't mean he or his family knows what it means to be a slave in this country. I believe Obama will say what he needs to say to get elected and I believe as I have told my brother that Obama will not care about anyone once he gets in the white house. I believe he will give all those people he made promises to his behind to kiss!

Chris Custer

"sheb," Wow! I am floored. Kudos to you for your stance and for being such a voice. I always love hearing people thinking out of the box. This is a disparate analogy, but I am reminded of Sophie Scholl--the brave woman who was hanged for protesting the nazis treatment of jews way back when most of Germany was all for the mass slaughter. I agree 100% that what we know about Obama is that he will make a great many promises, but with no intention of ever fulfilling them--just talk his way in and out of this and that for ever and ever. He has no plans, just words mimicking other people's plans. Our economy needs solutions to be handled with integrity and with sound promise.


Once everyone's counted, including mi and fl, HILLARY WILL BE WINNING THE POPULAR VOTE.

I don't give a d*mn about delegates. The system for allocating them is arbitrary, just look at TX for proof.

And for you "rules" people out there, the "rules" also say the supers don't have to go with the pledged delegates.





One thing is for sure. There cannot be any conventon without the delegates from Florida & Michigan being seated. The fairest way is to give the uncommitted delegates in MI to Obama and let the results in Florida stand as they are because both Obama’s name and Clinton’s name was on the ballot. In fact Obama was even putting ads on CNN in the state.. This is the method 5 used on the following web site :

Clinton will have then 1688 & Obama will have 1744 total delegates.

NOW LET US ASSUME THAT CLINTON GETS PA, WV , PR BY 20% AND IN & KY BY 10% EACH AND OR BY 5% AND OBAMA WINS SD & MT BY 25% & NC by 5%, CLINTON WILL HAVE NET GAIN OF 45 IN THE REMAINING PRIMARIES.. This is possible because of the Wright affair, the support among whites has declined sharply for Obama. And population of blacks in all these great states is less than 5%. BY JUNE CLINTON WILL HAVE 1959 DELEGATES AND OBAMA WILL HAVE 1980 DELEGATES.

There will be 372 Uncommited Super delegates at that time. . Upto this time Clinton has obtained 10 % more Super delegates than Obama. If we assume the same, CLINTON WILL WIN THE NOMINATION BY 2164 TO 2147 TOTAL DELEGATES. THERE WILL BE A DREAM TICKET WITH CLINTON ON TOP AND OBAMA AS VP AND WE WILL BEAT THE SH*T OUT OF THE REPUBLICANS CAPTURING BOTH THE SENATE & THE HOUSE WITH VETO PROOF MAJORITIES..
Cuurently Clinton has 267 electoral votes and Obama has 202 electoral votes using the same method as used in the General Election . Assume that Hillary wins PA, WV, Indiana
and Obama gets SD, NC , OR , MT , Clinton will have 308 electoral votes and Obama will have 230 Electoral votes.

Even if these numbers are off a little bit, because of the momentum shown by Hillary in the remaining Primaries and electibility of OBAMA in doubt because of the Wright affair, HILLARY WILL BE NOMINATED AS THE DEMOCRATIC CANDIDATE . GOD BLESS AMERICA NOT JUST A MILLION TIMES BUT A HUNDRED BILLION TIMES !!!!!

Chris Custer

As an upper income, middle-aged white man, I stand to lose big in Hillary's proposed tax bracket. But, I support her because she is what this country needs. She is the true comeback kid. Meanwhile, Hillary has been gaining in momentum. In polls, she leads in West Virginia by 2 to 1, in PA by nearly 20 points, and is increasing her lead in the national Gallop polls. Hillary will likely win the popular vote if they can find a way of getting MI and FL involved. If you can, please go to her website and donate to her campaign. I myself have done so repeatedly. Go Hillary!


As a devil's advocate, what if FL and MI do not get their delegates counted and Obama gets the nomination. Would Hillary consider being on the ticket as the VP nominee under Obama--a person his clearly her junior in experience, political savvy, policy understanding, debates, and we now know in popular votes? Would she consider this lower level position, even given what a dreadful experience she had with Al Gore? I say yes, yes she would! Even though it would be much better for the country if she were the head of the ticket, Hillary would gladly accept the VP position, for she has proven time and again that she wants only to serve her people--the people of the US of A. She will serve at any level, and she will serve well, anything to make a difference.

Chris Custer

Does anyone understand that a great many of the youth vote that Obama has cornered also voted week after week for Sunjaya on American Idol? Does the Democratic party truly feel that they can rely on them come November? At least Hillary’s voters are true, old school, hard-core voters who will be there, come rain and snow.


Wow. First of all, I just want to thank this entire blog for having just a modicum of sense, especially about the media. You are totally right about MSNBC-- I'm a teenager who's can't vote this election but I am absolutely engrossed in politics and mostly through watching MSNBC as a kid. I've been watching that network for years and especially Keith Oblbermann. I've been tuning a lot of bias out most of the time, because I realize that's present in most networks. So few journalists nowadays are actually fair and balanced. But at some point this has to stop and this is my breaking point. I for one am not going to watch Countdown any more and have already sent the network several emails, saying basically the same as you have so eloquently stated. It's time to send them a message of what we as viewers expect from a NEWS network.


Re Obama’s speech, particularly his shameful comparison of Rev. Wright with his grandmother’s racist fears toward black men who passed her on the street, Ed Koch today pointed out a quote from Jesse Jackson in 1993: “There is nothing more painful to me at this stage in my life than to walk down the street and hear footsteps and start thinking about robbery. Then look around and see somebody white and feel relieved . . . After all we have been through, just to think we can’t walk down our own streets, how humiliating.” Obama is a smart poltictian, and truly ambitious, but nothing unique, and he shows that he will cut the fingers off his grandmother to get elected. On a visceral level, I am so appalled of the way he threw his grandmother out there as a though her occasional racist mutterings were equal to the hate-mongering sermons from Wright. This is shameful. To say anthing so critical of one's own grandmother in public for all to view her as a "typical white woman" racist, is an outrage.


Since I voted in Michigan's Primary, I am amazed that no one seems to ask Obama why he took his name off the Michigan Ballot but left his name on the Florida Ballot? Was this a political ploy since he knew he would lose in Michigan? He could say that his name wasn't on the ballot in Michigan; therefore, the votes shouldn't count in either State. I would like very much to have someone ask this question of Obama to see what answer he would give.

I went to school with Rep. Murtha's brother, Jim, and was very pleased to see that he is an ardent supporter of Hillary!

Hillary, please don't give up the fight. Let the voters decide who will be the Democratic Nominee. I truly believe you will come out the winner. People are just beginning to realize that Obama is all talk!! I don't think we can trust this smooth talking politician.

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