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March 14, 2008



It's possible that it's information that some Democrat committee members know as well, but the house as a whole doesn't know. Or, as you imply, this could be leaked info from the exectutive and/or intelligence services.

Either way, I can't imagine any evidence in existence that would convince me that retroactive immunity is a good idea. If there was incontrovertible proof that an illegal warrantless wiretap provided the intelligence that saved us from a nuclear bomb detonating in a major city, that would not convince me that blanket retroactive immunity is a good idea. It would simply convince me that allowing for wiretapping is a good idea.

The crux of their argument, more likely, is going to be "there's intelligence we're losing!!" Well then, get off you telecom-padded butts and push the already approved House Democrat FISA bill through. Or approve the exension that the Democrats offered BEFORE the current bill expired. The hipocricy here is simply staggering.

If we have retroactive immunity than we may as well not have the rest of the laws, because the rules of the game become "do what we say and we will protect you later on".

D. Cupples

As I've written in blog posts tooooo many times, I don't think they're after data.

I think they're trying to protect Telecoms from getting hauled into court, where subpoenaed records will likely double as evidence of Administration officials' crimes.

Then again, my mind-reading skills are insisting on staying in the Keys until north Florida temperatures are consistently in the high 70s.

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