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March 27, 2008



I'm certain that I'll vote for Hillary the nominating process is complete.

I won't be visiting any of the "progressive - hate for hillary blogs" that I used to hang out at. I've had enough of the rev. right attitudes of the "elite blogocrats".


I will vote for Senator Clinton and only Senator Clinton. The Obama camp has totally lost any support they will ever get from me in the future. I was very active in in the Obama Senate Race. Knowing what I do now, I am very sorry for my past support also.

Tim, Seattle

I recommend that you go ahead and go to the voting booth in November, but just leave the president checkbox blank. That way you can register your protest vote without voting for McCain.
That way you can also still vote for your local and state positions.
Too much blood has been spilled, I think saying we will be holding hands in August is a joke.
Burn, baby...burn

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