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March 03, 2008


Natasha Rio

Senator Clinton's campaign has consistently brought out a trumped up charge on every election eve. Now it's the kitchen sink--innuendo, fear, and stories made out of events that have been denied by all participants. Apparently sleeping with the President (and how we have avoided going there!) constitutes "foreign policy experience." Give me a break!

D. Cupples

The point of the post was to focus on Hillary's positives, just as my co-blogger did for Obama (linked above).

I do understand that sometimes -- especially in the heat of a campaign -- people cannot see any positive in a candidate that they don't support. Rush Limbaugh's audience tends to feel that way about ALL Democrats.

What can I say?


I find it interesting that the list of Clinton's positives is predicated on her many, many accomplishments and what they indicate for the future. It's a very impressive list, but alas, there's no "emotion" behind it so it probably won't sell.

The article about Obama's positives is mostly about what (we hope but have no way of knowing) he will do IF elected, and the fact that he doesn't have the "Clinton attack machine" second-guessing his every move. I had hoped that the Democrats would move beyond the emotional idiocy that we decried when George Bush was running against Al Gore ('the fun, unflappable, regular guy you want to have a beer with' versus 'the uncool policy wonk') but I guess when both candidates are in the same party, history will repeat itself.

D. Cupples

I was writing about why I support Hillary, which is based on her demonstrated record. True, I view that as SoME indication of what she'll do in the future (or an indication of what she's unlikely to do). As you said, we never know until they get there.

I agree with you re: the emotional stuff. I'd expected that from Limbaugh fans but not from Dems. I was wrong.

pearl elliott

you are so right about Hilary Clinton, she is really the only one that has got the know how to put this country back on it"s feet, and why folks don"t see it is beyond me, to have Obama as our president will be dooming the United States, not only will we have a civil war here,the whole world will react in voilence, he is not ready, he cant even talk with out stutting and putting some one down- mostley Clinton or Mc cain- shame on the news,media for supporting him

D. Cupples

Hi Pearl,

I agree with you about Hillary -- though, I don't think that if Obama wins our nation will come to an end. (My father does, though).

Harold Borkowski

Regarding the failure to reform health care in the first (W) Clinton term: Hillary's committee proposed a plan that did away with the private health insurers. These are an interest group directly and solely focused on the provision of health care. It is the source of the profits which are the reason they exist. As anyone who has ever made a claim knows, they appear to be massively inefficient. Of course, the paper churning is profit for them, and waste "invested" in the health care system. If you keep up with the news, here in California the Insurance Commissioner and Gov. Schwarzeneger have teamed up to investigate suspicious cancellations of coverage when people report serious diagnoses. No profit in keeping a quadriplegic or a cancer patient alive. Of course, no one on the campaign is mentioning that the insurers are (part of(?)) the problem, because that killed reform in the 90s and will do it again.

Harold Borkowski

More than you care to know about flag officers and other things military:

Flag officers are indeed generals (in the Army, Marines and Air Force) and admirals (in the Navy and the Coast Guard). They are called flag officers because they have the right to signal their presence at a base or on a ship by flying a flag, usually blue, with the number of stars the respective flag officer wears.

The ranks are these:

* - Brigadier General, Rear Admiral, Lower Half. I kid you not. History buffs may remember the rank of "Commodore" as in Commodore Mathew Calbraith Perry, who "opened" Japan to the Euro-American world. For some reason the navy thought there was more dignity in having "half-assed" admirals rather than Commodores. Maybe it's because even yacht clubs have "Commodores." A surprisingly bad innovation for the service which most prides itself on its dignity and traditions.

** - Major General; Rear Admiral. If they fight things other than piles of paper, a Major General commands a division; A Rear Admiral, a Carrier Battle Group.

*** - Lieutenant General; Vice Admiral. A Corps or a Fleet.

**** - General; Admiral. An Army; a Fleet; an Area of Operations, like the Middle East, Europe, Latin America, Africa, the West Pacific. These are, by and large, the "politicals." One writer called them proconsuls because their regional responsibilities and amazing military resources make ambassadors look small by comparison.

****, but BIGGER - Chief of Staff (Army, Air Force, Marines; Chief of Naval Operations (Guess which.) or the BIGGEST: Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. (His every word is an order, unless he's speaking to the SecDef (Guess again) or POTUS (President of the ...).

If you think you should understand things like this, and the rest of American military culture, either because you respect the people who are prepared to give their lives for us or because you think they are the enemy and anyone but a fool should know his enemy, get Schading, Barbara, et al., A Civilian's Guide to the U.S. Military. Cincinatti: Writer's Digest Books, F+W Publications (2007) paper, $16.99. LCC# 355.00973--dc22.

D. Cupples


I agree with you re: health care. Contractor fraud (which includes lots of medical businesses and insurers) is one of my favorite topics.

And thanks for explaining the military rankings. I knew that flag rank meant something important -- and now I know just how important!

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