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March 21, 2008


John Nemesh

Uh huh! Sure...Iran is sitting on enough oil to fuel it's own country for 1000 years, and yet they need nuclear power NOW! It's their "right". Sure. Keep believing that. Nevermind that the radical Islamic extremists have called for Israel's annihilation. "Don't worry, we wont make bombs. And we don't finance terrorism either."

Not that I like war, or President Bush all that much, but these guys are like the schoolyard bully: They keep pressing the limits, seeing how much they can get away with before being called on it by the U.N. When the U.N. does try to enact sanctions or other diplomatic pressure, invariably Russia, or China, or France will step in and pull everything to a grinding halt. Why? Oh yeah, those countries make money selling WEAPONS to Iran.

To the author of this blog: You need to do some more homework on this subject before spouting out your mindless anti-Bush drivel. If you know as much as you should on this subject, you would be just as eager as our president to see this resolved, with ANY FORCE needed!


In fact, I've done substantial homework. I've said elsewhere that Iraq is CERTAINLY dangerous. I don't believe in preemptive war, end of story. It hasn't worked, has it? There are better ways to achieve the results that you SEEM to be recommending.

By the way, are you always this polite when you argue your points? I find being called an idiot and having my pieces designated 'drivel' by someone so driven by indignation that he just lashes out with a string of assumptions SO persuasive....

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