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February 16, 2008


Anonymous to Avoid GAO management retaliation

Hello: This comment on GAO CG Walker's resigantion is one of the most un-informed pieces of rubbish I have ever read. Dave Walker is NOT responsbile for the quality or objectivity of GAO reports; this existed long before Dave Walker and continued despite his reign as an ignorant, abusive, manager. Dave Walker treated GAO staff like dirt, and then illegally demoted 2/3 of the senior analysts 2 years ago. This action led to the first successful union created in GAO's history; approved this past September by a margin of 2-1, with 75% turnout. There are probably barely a half dozen sycophants who want Dave Walker to stick around. Dave Walker misused his position as CG to conduct his dog-and-pony-show fiscal wake up tour, which is little more than warmed over-Reaganism. His complaint is that Americans expect to collect their social security checks; his solution is that they should die early (what else does it mean to say we are going bankrupt because there are so many old people?). You should inform yourself before issuing commentaries based on your lack of knowledge.

also anon for same reason

He's leaving on a Wednesday.....the day before GAO's annual appropriation hearing. This smells like he was asked to leave and promised a rough ride if the did not.

D. Cupples


I'm sorry. I really DON'T know about the inner workings of the GAO. I've just read many reports over the years and have been very impressed by the entity. I merely assumed that Walker had something to do with that.

Thanks for pointing out potential errors in my thinking, but did you really need to be insulting when you did it?

D. Cupples

Second Anon: thanks for the info.

Former GAO Employee

GAO's reports were independent and high quality long before Dave Walker showed up. It was a struggle to keep them that way after his arrival, as he liked to put his own "spin" on report language and insert consultant-speak phrases that were difficult to reference back to objective sources. This man loves a "crisis" (real or rhetorically created) so that he can rush to the nations rescue. He has quite the savior complex. An anonymous poll of GAO employees would likely result in a message of "good riddance" to this "CEO" of GAO. Yes, Comptroller General just didn't seem a good enough title, so he renamed his position AND even the agency itself.

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