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February 06, 2008


Nancy Liedel

There is something about subways that creeps me out, but I've been on them all over the world and you get a real feel for the local flavor.


Wow, these pictures make me want to visit even more! Happy TT!


Wow, these pictures make me want to visit even more! Happy TT!


Greenwood looks lovely!


The gates of the Greenwood Cemetery are absolutely stunning.


I'd love to visit there someday.


Wow, these are awesome! Thanks for sharing and happy TT!

Nicole Austin

Fabulous pictures! I love NYC in small doses. Three or four days at a time is all I can take of the frenetic pace. I love checking out all the amazing architecture.

Secret Agent Mama

Those are all such great places! How I would love to photograph them all. :D

Nap Warden

Hey, I love the pics...the Flat Iron Building is so cool...Makes me miss NYC *sniff*

To answer your question, yes I did all the graphics...Thanks for the compliment:)


Those pictures are awesome - they are making me homesick!! I grew up in Connecticut in the 'burbs, and went into the city frequently.

Thanks for visiting, and happy TT!


Great pictures. I lived in NYC at the end of the 70's, a very wild and wonderful time. The pictures make me remember!

Sheila Octaviano

Yes, just in case I ever decide to get totally freaked out and fearful about peanut butter sticking to the roof of my mouth, I now know there is a name for it. haha.
Thanks for the comments! Your pictures are very lovely. I hope to see New York, finally, the next time I come visit my daughter in Maryland. She and I and my grandddaughter will be taking a train ride to NYC. I can't wait!

Jen's Horde

New York really is unique, isn't it? I've only been there once, and it was sort of a drive through visit. So, really I've never been there.

That cemetery is gorgeous! Wow!

Thanks for stopping by my T13 :-)


I grew up an hour from NYC and have yet to see some of those great places in person. Thanks for posting such great pics!


Love the photos! Hubby and I went last year and I loved the city! Washington Square Park was so peaceful. We went in December and things were quiet. I walked through Washington Square Park to get to Peanut Butter & Co. for my "Elvis sandwich." Mmmmm, the memories!

Rian Fike

These bring back so many memories of quite a few vacations.



Thanks for stopping by my TT.
Love the pics, especially the Flat Iron Building, that is really interesting!

Karen MEG

What gorgeous shots!!! We took the kids to NYC around this time 2 years ago ... they loved it, even the little one who had just turned 1. My son especially loved Sony Wonderlab. He saw these photos and asked when we were going again.
I did a stint where I was travelling there for work every couple of weeks and I couldn't get enough. I would go again in a heartbeat. Great TT!


Awesome pictures!! I remember the Spiderman from Sony...that was a cool place to visit :)


Great pictures! Thanks for visiting mine!

P.S. I tagged you!


What a great selection of shots. New York is one of the cities in the world that I would love to visit. So many amazing sites


happy tt


I did a TT a couple of weeks ago about 13 places I visited in NYC.

Your TT was great and gave me some idea's, especially the Sony Museum.

Thanks a lot,


Great pictures - I love the Flatiron building. I went to NY when I was a young girl and I remember coming up out of Grand Central and just looking up in astonishment at all the buildings. (I'm from South Dakota - grain silos are usually the biggest thing around here!)

Carolan Ivey

Wasn't the Graywacke Arch in a movie too? I swear, it looks familiar.

Enjoyed your pictures!

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