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February 20, 2008


Mama Duck

Wow, those are beautiful! Happy TT!


very good. I didn't know that Dali was inspired by Bosch, but now I take a good look at #11, I can see how.

Write at Home Mom

I love #4 and #9 :D

What a great theme for TT

Happy Thursday!

SJ Reidhead

Looks like a bunch of naked women to me! LOL, couldn't resist. The Met is one of my favorite places in NYC. I like the Ancient Egyptian section. I also like the Natural History Museum.

Have you caught my old Ronald Reagan commercial over on The Pink Flamingo?


Milan - zzz

It must be bewitchingly! I know how I felt in a front of Goya and Bosch although not on your side of the Atlantic :)


I would love to go to NYC with someone who would appreciate the museums. My family is all about the sports and views from high places.


Beautiful photos. I'd love to see those paintings one day.


Gorgeous! Each and every one :)

Happy TT

ellen b

It's been a while since I was at an art museum. Time to go again. Beautiful tour you gave us...

No nonsense girl

Wow, I would have love to visit the museums with you. I love art. :)

Have a great week...

To answer your question I'm well, I did lose my job 1 month ago because the industry I was working in wasn't doing well but I'm going back in college and will survive this.

Thanks for asking and caring.


These beautiful women remind me that skinny is overrated. Excuse me while I grab some cookies...

Great images.


Nice choices; reminds me of my Art 101 lectures in college! Which, of course was why I majored in Art History, and am an artist today!
Thanks for the memories, and the visit.

The Gal Herself

What Ellen B said! Thanks for sharing your favorites with us. (And thanks for visiting my TT)


What beautiful pics:) Happy TT. Where you able to bring up the TT site?


Now, this warms up a dark, bleak day... beautiful colors.


Beautiful list - and pictures. I miss New York - it´s ages ago I´ve been to the Big Apple!

Happy TT!

Lady Rose

great collection - reminds me of my college days taking my art classes


I so wanted to go to The Met when we were in NYC last May!! Just didn't have the time...maybe next time. Looks like you enjoyed yourself! Thanks for sharing!!

Happy TT!


Thanks for sharing! I'll definitely be looking for more work by Bosch as I'm a fan of Dali.


Wow, they're all so beautiful!


I joined T13 today and enjoyed viewing your list lots. I´ve never been to New York so far... but... who knows???

Happy T13!

Nap Warden

Your trip makes me miss NY, I haven't been in so long. If I had to pick favorites #8, and #9!

Susan Helene Gottfried

I just want to sit and stare at them for awhile... as I've gotten older, I'm better able to appreciate these sorts of lush, amazing paintings.

Happy TT!


love the "Two sisters"...but probably because I have one who thinks she is a princess! Thanks for visiting my TT.


I had the opportunity to visit New York back in 1999 and saw many of those paintings in person. My favorite on your list is #9. Happy TT and thanks for stopping by.

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