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February 24, 2008



DAMOZEL: I think your posting is completely unfair. For one, to call someone who supports Obama an "Obamabot" is just as immature and "at the kid's table" as those you feel are supporting Obama.

What is wrong with being excited about a candidate for a change? Why is it that people getting behind a candidate and feeling empowered by the political system is such a problem for you? If Hillary had the same kind of enthusiasm, we'd be calling them "Hillaryots".

The reason people on blogs are riled up against Hillary is because Hillary Clinton is, and always, always, always has been really: mean-spirited. She's always yelled, screamed, lashed out, and she and Bill have always played dirty politics. Plus, her husband had the same type of enthusiasm about his candidacy back in the day as Barack has now. So she's being a hypocrite! When it worked for Bill it was great. Now that Obama is getting the same kind of passionate response -- it's a bad thing.

It's so disingenuous of you to talk so dismissively about Barack Obama or his supporters. The comments that Obama made in your quote are so right on. The guy makes sense. If you read it correctly, what he's doing is comparing it to fighting a prize fighter. Hillary and Bill are prize fighters. They have always been the 300 pound gorilla in the room. What Barack Obama is pointing out is you don't just beat a force like the Clinton machine with a few jabs or fancy foot work. You have to have significant wins to take her out. He knows he doesn't have that. So he's pointing out that his opponent is formative and he's got to fight aggressively. If anything he is complimenting her while at the same time pointing out that yes she is not only the Washington insider -- but the favorite among the Democrat establishment. Nothing wrong with that analysis. It makes sense.

Your point that if Hillary wins Barack supporters will either vote for McCain or not vote and "boo-hoo-hoo" is also dismissive and missing the larger point. The reason many of us are voting for Obama is that we’re not exactly Democrats. In fact, I don't particularly like the Democrat party. I voted for Nader twice. I was going to vote for McCain because I loathe Hillary Clinton's brand of politics. But he’s such a warmonger that I changed my mind. This is why we're so excited about Obama -- because he gives us a choice between what we perceive to be a dirty, unkind, mean-spirited politician and form of politics. Is Hillary Clinton intelligent? Hell yes. She's very intelligent. She's a very capable woman. (She's a very capable human being in general with an amazing record of personal and professional accomplishments. She should be commended.) In fact, what I like about her most is that she is a woman. That's her best quality ;-). (I also would love to see a woman POTUS.) But, she's a Clinton and, I'm sorry, there are many of us out there that find the Clinton's brand of politics very dirty.

Are they good people outside of politics? I'm sure. I'm sure Hillary is a great mom and a genuinely good friend to her inner-circle. I have nothing against her personally. I think Bill's work in Africa is some of the best post-presidential work since Jimmy Carter. But while Jimmy Carter was a bad president, he’s a good man. I believe that Bill was a decent president, but a dirty politician. I believe his wife is the same. I have nothing against them as human beings; I just don't like them as politicians.

Why is it so wrong to feel inspired and elevated by Mr. Obama? When you dismiss him and his supporters and speak of him so disrespectfully, you are snubbing your nose at his supporters that are genuinely engaged in the political process for the first time.

I'm 37 and I've NEVER felt this hopeful about the political process before, and I voted for Bill Clinton the first time around. But after eight years of his and Bush’s dirty politics, I lost faith in the political process and turned my back on the Democrat Party. Now, I'm an Independent and was actually leaning towards Ron Paul. With Obama, I have a candidate who I feel really inspired to vote for -- and you call me a robot?

Plus, if you're going to sort of agree with Michelle Obama because you're intelligent enough to kind of gleen what she was talking about, and then you turn around and say "you're turned off" because of what she said -- then you're a coward. A coward because you're bullied by the USA-USA-USA rah, rah, rah, rah "I'm proud to be an America, because at least I know I'm free!" mentality. You're upset with Michelle -- even though you agree with a percentage of her statement. Don't be "proud" of that. It turned you off? Well, gee -- what are your turns on: long walks on the beach and bashing Obama supporters while not seeing the irony of being as aggressively pro-Hillary as are these "so-called" Obamatrons that are emphatically going for Obama? You're doing the same in the Hillary camp... ya hypocrite!

I'll vote for Nader if Hillary beats Obama because I can't vote for her or McCain. McCain at least is a true Independent. Hillary is the candidate for the dyed in the wool Democrats, and basically, I'm not in your camp. Not yours, not Tina Fey's, not Jack Nicholson, not America Ferrara, not American Idol graduate McPhee and not every other woman that is voting for Hillary because she’s 1) a woman 2) an old school Democrat 3) they are in love with Bill and want him back in the White House.

That's why I'm excited for Obama. I don't want Bill back in the White House. You can disagree with me for that -- but don't insult my intelligence because I find Obama to be a more favorable candidate. As Hillary would say "give me a break!" Seriously, give me a break from the Clinton soap opera. Change the channel in '08!



I didn't write it. I hadn't even read it till after you posted your comment. It's by contributing writer Teh Nutroots. His motto is "I don't like you either." We love him anyway, the way some people love their pit bulls.

FYI, Teh Nutroots is a former Obama supporter. I didn't even reallly realize he'd turned. The fact is, we've been sorely tried recently: we've been called names and sent nasty emails by Obama supporters. TN, like Bill Clinton, got mad about it. I think that probably explains the 'reformed smoker' tone.

I agree with you about the tone, though not with what you say about Hillary, of course---I like her AND Bill. But as for the tone: DC and I, the administrators, believe in maintaining a civil tone in our own posts.

BUT---as it says in our lefthand sidebar---we don't censor our contributing writers and they don't speak for us.

It's interesting that you used to like Nader---I feel the same way about him as you feel about Hillary; i.e., I think if it hadn't been for him, Gore would have been president and we'd maybe have a whole different set of problems, but no Iraq (?)

Anyway, if Hillary wins (though I doubt she will), looks like you'll have the Nader option!

Anyway, sorry Teh Nutroots called names. I'm sending him away from the grown-ups' table and straight back into his cage to think about his manners.

Teh Nutroots


Well, obviously, BIKO, I didn't mean you when I referred to the O-bots. I wasn't talking about ALL his supporters.


Just most of them! LOL


what an idiot you are teh, you blindly support the rodham family for more of the same, you ignorant fool. wake up america, people like you nutroots, are incapable of seeing the reality of our situation. New World Order will be developed with hillary at the helm. Obama is our only hope for balance and the chance to fight the bildeberg's for a sustainable future for all humanity.


That is the tone of reasoned argument and the standard of civility I've come to expect from Obama supporters. "Idiot," "blind"---yes, I'm sure that Obama would really appreciate your insulting a fellow Democrat in his name. It's so helpful to his cause and so persuasive!

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