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February 15, 2008



Can they really not see that you astronomically increase the odds of gun violence if you expressly authorize students to have guns?

Every single study and analysis of crimes involving guns that have been committed by legally licensed weapons owners refutes your statement and your anti-gun fears.

Legally licensed gun owners are perhaps the single most law abiding group of citizens in our society.

Crime statistics back it up. Yours is just empty rhetoric.

Teh Nutroots

I see. And every college student who owns a gun is a member of the most law-abiding group of citizens in the country. QED! My fears are resolved.

But here's a small problem: might that statistic change if students were encouraged to own/carry guns? Might we not get a few carrying guns who weren't quite of the caliber (no pun intended) of your 'law abiding legally licensed gun owners'?

Or are gun licenses magic so that as soon as someone gets one he or she becomes law-abiding?

If you can't see that your argument is abject bloody nonsense, there's not a lot more I can say.

Rev. Keith A. Gordon

Actually, the author is being somewhat disingenuous here with his cautionary tales of drunken college students with semi-autos...a "gun free zone" also means that the ADULTS on campus are unarmed as well. Perhaps if one adult on the scene of these campus shootings had been armed, the tragedy could have been cut short...perhaps not. Hindsight is always 20/20.

The problem here isn't guns, which are just an inanimate tool. It's trite, but guns DON'T kill people...and neither do knives or any other weapon. The problem is that, as a society, we have taught at least two generations of children that violence is the way to deal with their problems and emotions. The use of guns makes this violence more efficient and horrific.

Until we begin showing our children that violence should only be used in self-defense and that there are better ways to resolve their issues, these tragedies will continue. Change must come from the top down, however, and in a world of "pre-emptive" wars, waterboarding, citizen spying and reckless imperialism, what are we teaching the next generation?


OMG College students can't be trusted with guns because they are always emotional, drunk, and stoned!!!!

And yet, we trust them cars and let them have drivers licenses. They're allowed to purchase combustible materials such as gasoline, which could be used to burn down a dorm or house while everyone sleeps. There are no laws preventing this notoriously unstable group from purchasing propane tanks which could be used to make bombs. We even let some of them have access to dangerous chemicals in the chemistry labs! Any first year chemistry student can make enough dynamite to blow up dozens of other students and faculty. Or, suppose that chemistry student also worked in the cafeteria... he could easily poison everyone with arsenic, digitoxin, ricin. Heck, if such a person had a little bit of patience and planning... say, the kind of patience and planning it takes to research guns, make videos of ones self to mail to the media, etc., then one could just as easily make and use botulin.

Obviously, this individual was quite emotional, depressed, unstable, and yet he still managed to get a gun. But it's probably better that way, as he only managed to kill 5 people. If he had a car, he could've killed at least 7, like someone did last night in Maryland.

There are just too many likely scenarios where a college student could go on a killing rampage using any of the numerous ways there are to kill lots of people.

Our best option is to ban college.

Teh Nutroots

MY COLLEAGUE RESPONDS [he asked me to post this for him]: This is, of course, a ridiculous argument. Guns are made to be used to kill people. Those other things CAN be used. But they don't have the same potential to spray death throughout an entire classroom.


REV. KEITH A. GORDON: I don't think he was intentionally 'disingenuous.' At our local campus, the university police DO have guns---yet it's a 'gun free' zone. I am all for security guards being armed and having more of them. I am not for allowing students having guns. (My colleague does, in fact, oppose all guns, as does my British husband.)

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